Template:Techniques & Abilities Zettai Maken (絶対魔拳) is a technique Reborn tried to teach Tsuna, Kyoko and Haru when they had to deal with dojo-breakers. In order to use Zettai Maken, the user must be able to control all the chi in your body and focus it into one point. Before you use it, you have to think of the strongest person or thing you know and the technique will be a picture of that. When one uses it, it causes a fearful effect that scares enemies and forces them to surrender. However, in order to succeed, the user must focus a lot and believe that they will definitely win. Even the least amount doubt ruins the technique and fails. Thus, a successful Zettai Maken guarantees victory and, as Reborn said, winning without even fighting is a great strategy.

When Reborn attempted to teach Zettai Maken to the trio, they went through hard training that increased both their physical condition and their spirit. After they were done, Reborn showed them what it was about and used it on Yamamoto, Ryohei and Gokudera. Reborn made a mammoth and roared and all three of them couldn't do anything about it. After, the mammoth disappeared. When Tsuna first tried it, he failed because he wasn't 100% sure about himself. Kyoko and Haru never really used the technique; however, the training taught them how to control their spirit.


  • "Zettai Maken" can mean either "Absolute Evil Fist" or "Won't Lose."
  • According to Fuuta, it is ranked third in martial arts that should be sealed away in the 4000 year history of China.
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