Zero Point Breakthrough: Revised is the 61st episode of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! anime.

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The episode picks up immediately where the last one left off, with Tsuna gathering his flames for the Zero Point Breakthrough: Revised. Within the school, Hibari persists against his wounds, apparently searching for something, and spots Tsuna and Xanxus' face-off in the courtyard. The spectators, Reborn in particular, are confused at Xanxus' apparent knowledge of the Primo's Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition. Tsuna says it doesn't matter if it's not the genuine technique, and that he'll beat him with his own stance. Xanxus promptly launches himself sideways with his guns to land a surprise kick on Tsuna and interrupt his Zero Point Breakthrough.

Elsewhere, Gokudera runs through the school carrying the injured Lambo, intent on helping Tsuna. At the Sun pole, Lussuria and Ryohei continue to suffer the effects of the Death Heater poison. Back at the courtyard, Xanxus manages to score another direct hit on Tsuna with his guns, knocking him to the ground and extinguishing his Dying Will Flame once more. Tsuna manages to re-ignite his flame, but he's taken substantial damage this time. Xanxus then begins to attack Tsuna with a barrage of shots using his Bocciolo di Fiamma technique in an attempt to keep Tsuna on the ground and prevent him from using his Zero Point Breakthrough again. Amongst the shots though, Tsuna retains a determined look which forcibly reminds Xanxus of Vongola Nono, much to his irritation. He begins charging up his guns with his Flame of Wrath and releases Colpo d'Addio in an attempt to finish Tsuna off, and it appears to make a direct hit to his back.

Yamamoto hears the blast, but is still unable to do anything to help due to the poison. Gokudera watches on in anguish from within the school, greatly concerned for Tsuna. Xanxus returns to the ground, confident in his victory after that last shot, greatly troubling the spectators. Elsewhere, Dino encourages Romario to hurry. Gokudera collapses to his knees at Tsuna's apparent defeat, while Ryohei watches on sadly through the monitor on his battle watch and Yamamoto wonders what happened. However, the three guardians refuse to believe Tsuna could be beaten and encourage him to get up.

As Xanxus turns away from the crater created by his Colpio d'Addio blast a bright orange light erupts, and Tsuna is revealed to still be standing, claiming it was now his turn. He abrutly launches himself directly at Xanxus using his flames for propulsion, Xanxus quickly evades into the sky but Tsuna is still directly in front of him and manages to kick him in the chin. Xanxus collects himself and makes a dive at Tsuna, but Tsuna throws a wave of flame at him which he uses as a distraction to quickly manoeuvre behind Xanxus and deliver a punch to the back of his head and throw him to the ground. Infuriated, Xanxus charges his guns to hit Tsuna with his Martello di Fiamma but Tsuna is prepared with his revised Zero Point Breakthrough and manages to completely absorb the Wrath Flames shot by Xanxus. Reborn adds that, not only has he absorbed Xanxus' flames, but what makes it a revised technique is the fact that he's added these absorbed flames to his own power. Tsuna uses this new power to prevent Xanxus from firing again, and punches him directly in the face, launching him into the nearest building.

Back at the Rain pole, Yamamoto is finally cured of the effects of Death Heater by the appearance of Hibari, claiming that dying on school grounds is not permitted and instructs him that if he's going to die he should do it somewhere else. Yamamoto notices that Hibari's wounds are clearly bothering him, but Hibari denies it saying the school still needs cleaning up, prompting Yamamoto to offer his assistance. At the same time, Gokudera also administers the antidote to Ryohei using the Sun ring, leaving Lambo in his care as Ryohei gives him the Sun ring to give to Tsuna. Ryohei also asks Gokudera to save Lussuria too before he leaves, Gokudera aquiesces saying its what Tsuna would do.

Xanxus emerges from the rubble completely overcome with rage, proclaiming he won't be beaten by a fake Zero Point Breakthrough from the likes of Tsuna, and begins to emit an odd mist as his scars start to spread. Yamamoto runs through the school, remarking that his wounds have re-opened, and runs into Gokudera and reveals that he has both the Rain and Cloud rings. The two deduce that Chrome still needs to be saved, and head off to the school gym. Powered by his rage, Xanxus charges his guns again and increases the intensity of his flames, which come off him in pulsating black waves. At the same time in the spectator area, Dino and his men arrive with the heavily injured Squalo who says he's never seen Xanxus' wrath get this bad before.

As the episode ends, Gokudera and Yamamoto hurry to the gym before the 30 minute time limit for the poison can elapse but inside find that the Mist pole has already been knocked over and they can't see Chrome or Mammon. Their attention is quickly drawn by Belphegor and the cured Mammon who have tied Chrome up and taken her hostage, demanding the remaining rings in return for her life.

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