Zero Point Breakthrough: Revised is a technique created by Tsunayoshi Sawada during his training with Reborn on how to use Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition. Using this technique, Tsuna is able to absorb his opponent's Dying Will Flames, purify it, and add it to his own store of Flames.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The amount of energy he can absorb and then use after this technique has yet to be determined, as it increases every time Tsuna uses it.
  • When Tsuna uses this technique, an "X" appears on his X-Gloves to show that it is a technique created by himself, the Vongola Decimo.
  • Tsuna can use this technique because his Gloves are made out of the same material as the Dying Will Bullet. Therefore, Tsuna can absorb Flames and use them for his Gloves (similar to the way Xanxus charges up his X-Guns).
  • In chapter 138, instead of calling this technique Zero Point Breakthrough: Revised, Lal Mirch called it "Minus Point." This was corrected in the anime, where it was named correctly.

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