History Edit

In order to prove his loyalty to Byakuran, Zakuro destroyed his entire hometown by erupting all the volcanos nearby while happily taking a bath in the burning lava.

Future Arc Edit

Choice Arc Edit

He is first seen playing cards with Kikyo prior to the instigation of Choice. He, along with the other Funeral Wreaths, is present at Tsuna's Choice arena. Zakuro is put on the sidelines for the fight.

Future Final Battle Arc Edit

Squalo vs Zakuro

Zakuro vs Squalo

After the Millefiore won Choice and Uni defected to the Vongola side, the Six Funeral Wreaths pursued them to Namimori. Zakuro was the first to find them at the Vongola Hideout. Squalo attempted to slow him down but was soon defeated when Zakuro destroyed the base. Zakuro then chased the Vongola to Kawahira's shop but was tricked by one of Kawahira's Illusions. On the day of the final battle, Zakuro defeated Lal Mirch and Gamma with his Asura Box. However, Gokudera was able to blow off one of his arms with his Vongola Box. Before the fight could be finished, Bluebell incapacitated Gokudera and the Varia. Zakuro fought Xanxus, luring him to where Kikyo was so that he could strike from behind. The Varia were however revealed to be Illusions created by Mukuro and Fran. During a full out battle with the Vongola, Ghost arrived and killed Zakuro by absorbing his Dying Will Flames. Zakuro is then revived after the Arcobaleno erase every bad thing Byakuran did in the future, thus, bring Bluebell along with the Real Six Funeral Wreaths back to life.

The Curse of the Rainbow Arc Edit

Zakuro is seen along with the other Six Funeral Wreaths with Byakuran at the Giglio Nero Famiglia's mansion awaiting Uni to be released from the Sky Pacifier in his present form. Later, he appears on the second day of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow and is determined to fight against Team Verde, activating his Tirannosauro Tempesta, but his Rainbow Wristwatch is destroyed by Mukuro.

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