Zakuro is the real Storm Funeral Wreath and as such possesses the Storm Mare Ring. With the other Funeral Wreaths, Zakuro reigned over Parallel Worlds; however, in this universe, they instead faced great misfortunes. Byakuran found them and, because of their resolution to him, showed them how to become stronger.

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He has wavy red hair. Unlike the other male Funeral Wreaths, he is not clean-shaven and has some stubble on his face. As a Millefore member, he wears the standard Black Spell uniform as well as his Funeral Wreath ring.

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Zakuro is a rather odd character as he seems to have several mood swings throughout his appearance. His favorite word is"idjit."

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Zakuro Released

Storm Box Of Asura

Like the other Funeral Wreaths, Zakuro has been told about all the opponents Byakuran has fought in parallel worlds. As such, he knows all their techniques, strengths, and weaknesses. Zakuro's Storm Flame is strong enough to create an aura around himself that degenerates anything he approaches and bath in magma.

  • Invisible Storm Flames: Zakuro possesses the ability to create an invisible Storm Flame. This Flame is very large and hard to detect.
  • Tirannosauro Tempesta: Zakuro's most powerful Weapon, a Box Weapon placed where his heart would be. When activated, it transforms him into a T-Rex/human hybrid with wing-shape Storm Flames. This makes him larger, stronger, and faster. As well as this he gains a hardened set of scales that can defend against most attacks. He can also fire bursts of Storm Flames from his hands and over time he can also heal himself.
  • Magma Infiammato: An ability that Zakuro uses with his Asura Box. He blasts a jet of magma from his hand. He used this attack on Gokudera.

Trivia Edit

Zakuro's Misfortune

Zakuro before being found by Byakuran

  • The Real Six Funeral Wreaths are all named after Flowers. Zakuro was named after the Pomegranate Flower (zakuro is the Japanese word for pomegranate).
  • He first appeared bathing in a volcano's magma.
  • Before he was found by Byakuran, Zakuro suffered in poverty. In Kikyo's flashback, he was supposedly grieving over the death of someone.
  • Zakuro is the only one of the Real Six Funeral Wreaths, who only has a single Box Weapon (excluding Ghost).

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