Yamamoto's Choice is the 106th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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In Italy near the Vongola HQ, Iemitsu walks through the forest, mentally commenting that it was too quiet. Oregano then appears from behind Iemitsu and informs him that Varia had discovered their base. Iemitsu then announces that they were going to conduct a rescue mission for the Ninth, and, in case of failure, they must ascertain whether the Ninth is alive or not.

In Japan, holding onto a photograph, Tsuna is surprised to see that the Ninth doesn't look like a Mafia Boss, but like a kindly grandfather. However, Tsuna remains stubborn, stating that he doesn't like him because he made them fight against Xanxus. However, Tsuna dismisses it, stating that they had to train. Reborn comments that he was afraid that Tsuna would be too worried about Yamamoto to concentrate on training.

Tsuna mentally murmurs that he was worried, and recalls what happened yesterday. Dino follows up on his statement that Squalo was originally to become the Varia boss, stating that they were both in the same school, and that Squalo, even then, was a master at swordsmanship. The Varia heard of him and scouted him, but Squalo stated that he would only agree to join if he was allowed to fight the Varia boss at the time, Tyr. At the time, no one had any doubts that Tyr would win, but after 2 days and 1 night, Squalo emerged victorious. Because of that, everyone was convinced that Squalo would become the next Varia boss, but Xanxus became it instead.

Dino shook his head, stating that he didn't know why. Dino then gives Yamamoto a piece of advice; that Squalo has vanquished many styles of sword, and that he wouldn't win if he relied on a single style of sword. At Yamamoto's dojo, he muses about how to "transcend style". Tsuna and Reborn then pop in, asking if he found a way, but Yamamoto replies in the negative. Yamamoto's dad then enters and greets Tsuna, rhetorically asking Yamamoto if today was the day of the sword fight. Yamamoto's dad then presents Yamamoto with a bamboo sword that was heavier than it should be; he reveals that it was because it would shed its skin and become a steel sword if used in the Shigure Soen Ryu, announcing as well that the sword's name was the Shigure Kintoki. Reborn helpfully adds that it was like a sword version of Yamamoto's Bat.

Yamamoto's dad, when he hears that Yamamoto was trying to transcend style, quickly grew furious and declared that the Shigure Soen Ryu was invincible, and absolutely flawless. On the way to Namimori Middle, Tsuna asks Yamamoto what he was going to do, to which Yamamoto replies that he was going to use the Shigure Soen Ryu, reasoning that his dad had no reason to be incorrect. Squalo then arrives and comments that Yamamoto didn't run away after all, and that he would make fish kebab out of him. Tsuna then comments that if it was Yamamoto, he would find a way to win.

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