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Character Outline

Xanxus is the current Leader of the Varia, Vongola IX's adopted son, and the main antagonist of the Varia arc. He was born into poverty with just his mother, who was mentally ill. His mother discovered his Dying Will Flame when he was very young and brought him to Vongola IX. When she and Xanxus confronted the 9th, he took Xanxus and placed his scarf around him agreeing that he was indeed his son even though he had never seen this woman nor her son before. During the Varia Arc, he and Tsuna battle for the Sky Vongola Ring and the position of the 10th Vongola Boss. Later in the Future Arc, he remains the leader of the Varia and leads a raid against the Millefiore, taking their Headquarters. He battles against one of the Fake Funeral Wreaths as well, showing he has grown much stronger in the Future.


Xanxus is seen with full-body scars made by the 9th, the most recognizable the large one on his left cheek. During the Varia Arc, his hair is spiky and he has a buzz cut on the sides. It is also adorned with feathers and an Animal tail (most speculate this tail to be raccoon) at the nape of his neck, coming over his left shoulder to rest in the front. He also wears a Varia uniform jacket on his shoulders, much like a cape. He matches it with a white dress shirt, black pants, and a loosely knotted tie, along with black Boots. In the Future Arc, his hair has grown out and is no longer spiked severely. He has removed the Animal tails, instead adorned with fewer feathers and beads. His Boots in Future Arc have been lace-up and later he is seen in Boots with exaggerated foldover Cuffs, much like pirate Boots.

Plot Overview

Varia Arc

After Squalo returned to Italy with the Half Vongola Rings, Xanxus was soon able to figure out that they were fakes and along with the rest of the Varia, set out for Japan. Once there, he was stopped by Iemitsu Sawada and agreed to hold the Vongola Tournament. After Tsunayoshi Sawada's intervention during the Lightning Ring Battle, Xanxus won the Sky Ring. Later during the Cloud Ring Battle, Xanxus programmed Gola Mosca on a rampage until it was stopped by Tsuna. However, Xanxus had kidnapped Timoteo and placed him inside Mosca. Xanxus used this as an excuse to fight Tsuna in the Sky Ring Battle. During the match, Xanxus eventually acquired all seven rings; however, the Sky ring rejected him as he wasn't a true Vongola descendent. Xanxus and his crew were then forced to resign.

Future Arc

File:Future Xanxus1.png

In the Future, during the invasion of the Millefiore base in italy, Xanxus survived the demolition of the Vongola HQ and killed Rasiel and Olgert.

After Choice

The Varia later rescued Lal Mirch, Gokudera, and Gamma from the Six Funeral Wreaths. Xanxus later appeared to be killed by Kikyo but was revealed to be an Illusion created by Mukuro Rokudo. Later along with everyone else present, Xanxus had his Flames drained by Ghost. Later on after the battle between Tsuna and Byakuran, Xanxus used one of his X-Guns to apparently blow Kikyo's head off.

Weapons and Abilities

  • Flame of Wrath - Xanxus possesses Vongola II's Ability, Flame of Wrath. This is a very powerful and destructive Flame that was said to only appear when the Vongola II was enraged, giving it its name. The Second was also said to have the most devastating and powerful Flame of all the Vongola Leaders.
  • Dying Will X Guns - Xanxus also has 2 Guns that are able to absorb and store the Dying Will Flames, accumulated it and release it through a Dying Will Bullet, different from the ones Reborn uses on Tsuna. Vongola VII was said to have the weakest Flame of all the Vongola Leaders, so he designed a Weapon that he could store his Flame in and release it as a strong Flame attack. Xanxus takes the idea of these Guns and creates his own version. The difference is that Xanxus has a very strong Flame and can store his Flame of Wrath within his X-Guns, creating a super-powerful blast. Xanxus is also capable of using these to fly by blasting himself away from the ground.
  • Liger (Box Weapon): Bester - In the Future Arc, the Varia fight united with the Vongola against the Millefiore because they are under relentless Attack, though they still do not acknowledge Tsuna as the 10th Boss. Rasiel, Belphegor's twin brother whose life was saved somehow by Byakuran using his knowledge from parallel Futures, has sworn loyalty to the Millefiore Family, and possesses the Fake Mare Storm Ring. The Varia fights against him, and Xanxus battles him with his Box Weapon, the Leone di Cielo. The Liger and Xanxus have an odd relationship: when Xanxus' scars appear, as does the Lion's stripes, turning it into a Liger. Its name is "Bester".


  • Scoppio de Ira (Burst of Wrath): A Attack that requires the use of the Dying Will X Guns. Xanxus unleashs a barrage of Flame simultaneously that, because of their density and grouping, appear to fuse together into one large super-powerful blast.
  • Bocciolo de Fiamma (Bud of Flame): Another Attack that requires the use of the X Guns. Xanxus uses one gun to fly around the target and the another to shoot his target from different angles to form a flower bud at the target's feet.
  • Colpo da Addio (Blow of Farewell): A stronger version of Scoppio de Ira where Xanxus charges up energy in his guns and fires two super-powerful shots with the same or more power then Scoppio de Ira.
  • Martello di Fiamma (Hammer of Flame): The strongest version of Scoppio de Ira and Xanxus' strongest move.

Win Loss Battle Record

  • (Future self) vs Zakuro - Undetermined


  • In the most recent popularity polls, Xanxus ranked fifth twice; last year with 6,495 votes and this year with over 10,000 votes.
  • In the Reborn! Fandom, his letter is X.
  • Xanxus' name and birth date also reflect the belief that he was the rightful 10th Vongola Boss. His name contains two X's, or 10's in Roman Numerals, as well as his birthday being October 10th, or 10/10.
  • Xanxus was the first person shown to open a Sky Box Weapon.
  • Xanxus has a habit of calling people "scum" or "trash".
  • Xanxus has a Character Song which is "Hokori Takaki Fundo".
  • If you remove both Xs from Xanxus' name, and add a "T" at the end, it becomes Tsuna backwards.
  • In "Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Flame Rumble", Xanxus has the Cloud Attribute.Template:Tsuna's Family
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