Vongola Famiglia Edit

Xanxus is very dedicated to the Vongola's cause. In the future, Rasiel offers him a chance to team up in exchange for the boss position, but Xanxus refuses and declares that even when there's internal conflict, the Vongola will always fight as one. However, despite this steadfast commitment, Xanxus' personal feelings towards some of the members remain mixed. He does not treat his subordinates well, reacting with indifference and sometimes even amusement when they are grievously injured. He often throws objects at his second in command Squalo and had Lussuria shot after Ryohei won the Sun Vongola Ring. Mammon was also afraid of facing his wrath after losing the Mist Guardianship to Mukuro and Chrome. In the future, when Zakuro mockingly asked how Xanxus felt about losing his men, Xanxus coldly replied: "Do you feel anything when an ant dies?" Despite his mistreatment of them, the Varia have the utmost respect for him. He has occasionally shown some regard for them, such as when he gave them an antidote during the Varia Arc and addressed Mammon's concerns before the Arcobaleno battles. He also seems to care for his Box Animal, something that Zakuro noted, and hasn't killed any of the subordinates who have failed him, though he doesn't hesitate to injure them.

His relationships with the present and future Vongola bosses, Timoteo and Tsuna respectively, are also strained. He bears a grudge against Timoteo for lying to him about his origin, and has yet to fully accept Tsuna as the next boss. Upon being released from his icy prison, Xanxus was quick to capture his adoptive father and drain the life force from him, almost killing him in the process. He also refused to attend Tsuna's inheritance ceremony and threatened to withdraw support for him in the last arc. Nonetheless, he allies himself with Tsuna when necessary and ten years later, the Varia openly identify as Timoteo's assassination squad, showing that Xanxus at least honours his adoptive father's memory.

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