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Xanxus is the current leader of the Varia, the independent assassination squad of the Vongola Famiglia. He is Vongola Nono's adopted son, and was the main antagonist of the Varia Arc.

Character Outline[]


Xanxus' dormant scars.

Xanxus is seen with full-body scars inflicted by the Ninth's Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition, the most recognizable the large one on his left cheek. During the Varia Arc, his hair is spiky and he has a buzz cut on the sides. It is also adorned with feathers and an animal tail (most speculate this to be a raccoon) at the nape of his neck, coming over his left shoulder to rest in the front. He has a tall and muscular build. He also wears a Varia uniform jacket on his shoulders, much like a cape. He matches it with a white dress shirt, black pants, and a loosely knotted tie, along with black boots, also having a tattoo on his left shoulder. In the Future Arc roughly 10 years later, his hair has grown out and is no longer severely spiked. He has removed the animal tail, and his hair is instead adorned with fewer feathers and beads. He also has tattooed a black Roman numeral X to both his shoulders rather than just one.

His boots in the Future Arc are laced-up, and later, he is seen in boots with exaggerated fold-over cuffs, similar to pirate boots. Xanxus is noted to resemble Vongola Secondo and also looks a little like his mother.


Xanxus is cruel and ruthless, and shows no mercy to enemies and allies alike. Initially, he showed no emotion when his subordinates died and only saw them as disposable tools to help him gain the title of Vongola 10th, but since his defeat at the hands of Tsuna, Xanxus has appreciated his subordinates more. He can be short-tempered, easily angered even by small mistakes such as his subordinates bringing the wrong food, resulting in him beating them up or throwing things at them. He has a lot of confidence in his strength and power, and thus, often looks down on his enemies, referring to them as trash. Despite this, however, Xanxus seems to have a certain degree of respect for the Vongola Famiglia and knows the importance of the Famiglia's unity when they are in a dire situation. This is shown during his battle with Olgert in the future when he said that Vongola would always fight as one, and also during the final battle with the Real Six Funeral Wreaths when he and his subordinates declared that they would help Tsuna and his friends despite Xanxus still not approving of Tsuna as the Vongola Boss.

Weapons and Abilities[]

Xanxus is a formidable fighter and one of the most powerful fighters in the series, easily fighting on par with Kyoya Hibari and holding his own against a Vindice, albeit with help from Superbia Squalo. His ruthless and cocky disposition hides a devious intellect, impressing even the talented illusionist Mukuro Rokudo.

Eight years prior to the series, Xanxus attempted to kill Vongola IX, with Squalo's help. However, they were easily defeated, with Xanxus being sealed by the Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition.

During his brief fight with Hibari on the Cloud Ground, he easily dodged the Cloud Guardian's attacks while being bombarded by the arena's gatling guns and landmines. Although, Hibari's continuous assault forced Xanxus to block one of his attacks.


Xanxus' Dying Will Guns

  • Dying Will Guns: Xanxus has two Guns that are able to absorb and store the Dying Will Flames, accumulate it and release it through a Dying Will Bullet, different from the ones Reborn uses on Tsuna. Vongola VII was said to have the weakest Flame of all the Vongola Leaders, so he designed a Weapon that he could store his Flame in and release it as a strong Flame attack. Xanxus takes the idea of these Guns and creates his own version. The difference is that Xanxus has a very strong Flame and can store his Flame of Wrath within his X-Guns, creating a super-powerful blast. Xanxus is also capable of using these for propulsion, allowing him to fly and move at great speeds.
  • Ligre Tempesta di Cieli: also called Bester, it is Xanxus' Animal-type Box Weapon. Bester is actually a mix-breed between a Leone di Cieli and a Tigre Tempesta. Xanxus' Box Weapon has the ability to change from a lion to a liger when Xanxus wants it to. The only visual difference between these forms is that when it is in liger mode, it has black tiger-like stripes running along its body. Its attack is a roar, which uses the Sky attribute of harmony to petrify, and then the Storm attribute of disintegration to cause the petrified object to crumble. The Liger and Xanxus have an odd relationship where the Lion will grow stripes when Xanxus' scars appear, but this is not the only time. Bester has storm like attributes in his attacks.
  • Armatura di Platino Ligre Tempesta di Cieli - An alternate form of the Ligre Tempesta di Cieli, just with a longer mane and a platinum armor, giving it immense defense and durability, and is thus able to withstand attacks.
    • Pistola Imperatore Animale - The Platinum Armor Sky/Storm Liger's Cambio Forma, fusing with Xanxus' X-Guns and greatly increasing its power. The gun's cartridge area resembles Bester's mane, and the bullets fired from the X-Guns are in the shape of a liger and more powerful.


Xanxus' Flame of Wrath

  • Flame of Wrath: Xanxus possesses Vongola Secondo's Ability, Flame of Wrath. This is a very powerful and destructive Flame that was said to only appear when the Vongola II was enraged, giving it its name. The Second was also said to have the most devastating and powerful Flame of all the Vongola Leaders.
  • Scoppio d'Ira: An Attack that requires the use of the Dying Will X Guns. Xanxus unleashes a barrage of Flame simultaneously that, because of their density and grouping, appear to fuse together into one large super-powerful blast.
  • Bocciolo di Fiamma: Another Attack that requires the use of the X Guns. Xanxus uses one gun to fly around the target and the other to shoot his target from different angles to form a flower bud at the target's feet.
  • Colpo d'Addio: A stronger version of Scoppio d'Ira where Xanxus charges up energy in his guns and fires two super-powerful shots with the same or more power than Scoppio d'Ira.
  • Martello di Fiamma: The strongest version of Scoppio d'Ira and Xanxus' strongest move.


  • According to Peter Binsfeld's classification of the Seven Deadly Sins, Xanxus represents the Sin of Wrath. He shares the Sin trait with the rest of the Varia Members, whose names and personalities each resemble a Sin (Wrath, Lust, Greed, Sloth, Gluttony, Envy, and Pride).
  • In the previous popularity polls, Xanxus ranked fifth twice.
  • In the most recent poll, Xanxus ranked 9th in popularity and 4th in strength.
  • Xanxus' name and birth date also reflect the belief that he was the rightful 10th Vongola Boss. His name contains two X's, or 10's in Roman Numerals, as well as his birthday being October 10, or 10/10.
  • He shares his birthday with Birds.
  • He dislikes everything but himself.[1]
  • His favorite food is steak and his favorite drinks are tequila and whiskey.[1]
  • Xanxus' hobbies are gun maintenance and picking on Squalo.[1]
  • Xanxus was the first person shown to open a Sky Box Weapon.
  • Xanxus has a habit of calling people "scum" or "trash", which are also his favorite words.[1]
  • In Katekyō Hitman Reborn! DS Flame Rumble Hyper - Moeyo Mirai, Xanxus is mistakenly classified as being cloud attribute, an error which is fixed in the later Flame Rumble games.
  • Xanxus seems to be agitated when he is disturbed while eating or sleeping. This was proven when Squalo was talking to Lussuria and asking for backup, to which Lussuria says that he could not do since the "boss" was eating. Also, when they invaded the Millefiore base in Italy, he beat up his underlings for not bringing him the food he wanted.
  • In Futa's mafia ranking, he's third in When You See Their Face It's So Terrifying It Makes You Want to Run.
  • According to the manga, none of the Varia have had an actual conversation with Xanxus; except Levi.[citation needed]
  • In the Dream Match Poll, Xanxus was stated to fight "wildly and emotionally, but he combats without futility."
  • Xanxus is one of the only three characters to have a story mode in Katekyō Hitman Reborn! Kindan no Yami no Delta. The other two being Tsuna and Chrome (together with Mukuro).
  • In a 2016 ranking, 500 Shonen Jump readers were polled on who is "the sexiest villain character (male)." Xanxus placed 16th alongside Funny Valentine (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure).[4][5]
  • In a 2019 ranking, 2,303 Shonen Jump readers were polled on which character has the most manly sex appeal. Xanxus placed 43rd out of 55 alongside Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) and Sakon (Puppet Master Sakon).[6]
  • As Reborn once pointed out, Xanxus is the exact opposite of Tsuna:
    • While Xanxus is cruel and relentless, Tsuna is gentle and calm.
    • Xanxus doesn't care about his subordinates, seeing them only as disposable pawns, while Tsuna values ​​his friendship with his guardians and genuinely cares for them.
    • Xanxus doesn't fight for anything but power, while Tsuna only enters combat when he needs to protect his friends.


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