XANXUS vs. Rasiel is the 224th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Belphegor and Fran's deaths turn out to be illusions made by Fran. Bel and Fran agree that they want to see Xanxus fight Rasiel. At the east point of the castle, Squalo and Squalo Grande Pioggia are fighting off dozens of Millefiore members. Squalo calls Lussuria, but there is no response.

At the north point, Levi is keeping the Millefiore squads at bay with his Super Levi Volta. As he calls Xanxus, an enemy comes behind Levi and heavily injures him. Levi draws out his own life force with his Varia Ring and shoots Lightning Flames out of his whole body.

Meanwhile, Rasiel is jeering at Xanxus for being frozen by Tsuna. Xanxus yawns and beckons Rasiel forward with one finger. Olgert sends out his Heavy Rain Elephant and causes an explosion with the elephant's Martello della Terra. Xanxus is calmly sitting in his throne while the elephant slowly becomes petrified. Enraged at the sound of Tsuna's name, Xanxus releases a huge Flame blast with his Flame of Wrath and kills the elephant Box Weapon.

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