XANXUS' Smile is the 99th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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The Varia and Tsuna's Guardians gape in shock as they see Tsuna in Hyper Dying Will Mode, Tsuna being nothing like the one they saw earlier, especially Squalo, furiously identifying the source of Tsuna's boost in power as Reborn, the "hitman that the Ninth favored". Tsuna declares that he couldn't fight for such things as the Vongola Rings, but he didn't want his friend to get hurt. Xanxus, however, hits Tsuna with his Flame of Wrath, angrily asking Tsuna if he really thought he could defeat him and become the successor, Tsuna replying that he only didn't want his friends to get injured. Xanxus charges up another Flame of Wrath, but a Cervello suddenly arrives, imploring Xanxus to calm down, and that he would be disqualified, but Xanxus simply punches her away. Xanxus then smiles, stating that he was excited for the battle, surprising his Varia members, as they've noted that it's been 8 years since Xanxus has smiled. The Cervello then announce that Levi A Than won the battle due to Tsuna's interference, and that his half of the Vongola Sky Ring would be given to Xanxus as well as a result.

Xanxus arrogantly states that he could order them to be killed under the name of the Vongola, but he stated that he would play around with them first, just like with "that old fart", the Ninth. Iemitsu Sawada angrily asks Xanxus what he did to the Ninth, to which Xanxus chuckles, telling him to investigate for himself. Reborn, however, calms down Iemitsu, stating that there wasn't evidence. The Cervello then announce that tomorrow, the battle would be between the Storm Guardians, Belphegor and Gokudera. The Varia and Cervello leave, Tsuna running on the battlefield to get to Lambo, where a mysterious figure states that Tsuna was still naive. As Tsuna, Reborn, and his Guardians head home, Tsuna contemplates whether it was right for him to interfere, to which Reborn states that he did well, and that the Vongola didn't need a boss that abandoned his men. Gokudera silently moves away, berating himself for not being there for Tsuna in times of need. However, he runs into Doctor Shamal, who states that they would perfect the move.

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