The X-Burner is one of Tsuna's most powerful attacks. It is a blast of Sky Flames from the X-Gloves, usable on the ground and in the air.

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Tsuna fires Soft Sky Flames behind him to support the powerful Hard Sky Flames unleashed in front of him. The attack was inspired by Kyoko Sasagawa saying that his friends will always support him.

Tsuna was able to perfect the X-Burner with the use of the X-Contacts made by Spanner.[1]Its strongest blast record during the Choice Arc had a strength of 250000+ FV. Tsuna broke the record when he blasted Torikabuto's illusion with 300000 FV.

He used the X-Burner to save Shoichi Irie, who was the target of the Choice battle, from Kikyo. Tsuna also used this technique in order to eradicate Byakuran at the end of the Future Arc.

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