Whereabouts is the 342nd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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The smoke of the XX-Burner's explosion clears up. After seeing everyone, Reborn states that everyone is in better shape than he thought, because Enma, Tsuna and Chrome Dokuro were all alive and well and at the moment, and they all thought they had won against Demon Spade. However, Demon disguised himself as Enma, pretending to help Tsuna get up. Before Enma could warn Tsuna in time, Demon releases a bone crushing barrage of attacks on Tsuna. Reborn intends to help Tsuna, Enma, and Chrome since they were all out of energy, but he is stopped by the Vindice, making Reborn accuse them of being Demon Spade's comrades. The Vindice, however, stated that they have their own reason to stop Reborn, but they refuse to tell him.

As Tsuna lies helplessly on the ground, Demon summons his scythe, about to deal a finishing blow to Tsuna. Enma desperately grabs Demon Spade's leg to save Tsuna. Demon says that he doesn't want the Vongola to have anything to do with the Simon Famiglia and bats Enma away. Enma says that he doesn't care about the Vongola or the Simon and just wants to save Tsuna, his first and only friend. Just then, the Earth Simon Ring changes shape and flies off Enma's hand. It flies straight towards Tsuna's Vongola Ring and merges with it, startling everyone.

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