What!? I'm the Tenth Generation Mafia Boss!? is the 1st episode of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! anime.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

In Sicily, Italy, a mysterious man walks down a street, with everyone staring after him in fear. He enters a bar, stating that he is heading to Japan. A man he passed by attempts to kill him, but fails as a chameleon transforms into a gun and is pointed at him. The mysterious man refers to himself as the "Home Tutor Hitman, Reborn."

Yamamoto running to practice

In Japan in the early morning, Reborn arrives in Namimori. He passes by an athlete as he drops a letter to the mailbox of the Sawada household. Nana Sawada goes out to get the mail and read Reborn's message. She later tries to call her son, Tsunayoshi Sawada, down for breakfast, stating that he is going to be late. When that fails, she goes upstairs to try to wake him up herself. She happens to see another math test he has failed and, using that to wake him up, tells him that he will have a home tutor starting that day. After Tsuna clumsily falls down the stairs, Reborn is seen inside his house, telling Tsuna that he will be his home tutor. Tsuna laughs at this but abruptly stops when Reborn beats him up.

Running outside to go to school, Tsuna gets scared by a chihuahua whose leash became loose. Reborn tells him that he is a pathetic loser. A girl peeks at them from behind a wall. She tries to go out and hug Reborn, but is interrupted by Kyoko Sasagawa, who gets there first. Tsuna reveals his crush on Kyoko, stating that she is the "idol of Namimori Middle School." Reborn automatically notices Tsuna's crush on Kyoko, and tells him that the only reason he hasn't confessed yet was because he was "No-Good Tsuna". After that, Reborn shoots Tsuna for the first time with the Dying Will Bullet so that he could confess to Kyoko. Tsuna runs towards Kyoko in his underwear, screaming that he will "confess with his Dying Will."

Tsuna runs past a boxer, who exclaims that his punches are "extreme" today. The boxer sees Tsuna running straight into a truck, and wonders what was wrong with him. Tsuna bounces off a fence and lands right in front of Kyoko and Kensuke Mochida. After he confesses, Kyoko runs away screaming, and Mochida punches him. Tsuna gets out of Dying Will Mode extremely embarrassed, after which Reborn floats down in a parachute and explains the Dying Will Bullet. After that, Kyoya Hibari arrives and tells Tsuna that classes have begun. Inside his classroom, Tsuna is mocked by his classmates, and a person tells Tsuna that Mochida was challenging him to a game of kendo.

Inside the gym, everyone thinks that Tsuna has run away. However, when Tsuna does eventually arrive, everyone laughs at him because they knew that there was no way Tsuna could win. Mochida tells Tsuna that he only needs ippon, or one point, to win. Tsuna tries to run away, but is then shot with a Dying Will Bullet from Reborn. He jumps upon Dying Will Mode, and tackles Mochida, ripping his hair out and states that he had "hyaku-pon," or one hundred points. The judge, who Mochida rigged to be on his side, is hesitant to raise his flag. Tsuna, noticing this, continues to rip hair out until the judge declares him the winner. The crowd cheers, and Kyoko tells Tsuna that the only reason why she ran away was because she didn't know what to say. Outside the gym, a silhouette mutters to himself.

At home, Tsuna is shocked to hear that he was to be the Vongola Famiglia's Tenth Boss. Reborn states that the only reason he had arrived from Italy was to train Tsuna. He summarizes by saying that because Tsuna had the Blood of Vongola, he must become the Boss. He falls asleep, and Nana later comes in and wishes Reborn luck on training Tsuna.

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Manga & Anime Differences[edit | edit source]

  • The introduction adds an additional scene of an Italian man who attempts to kill Reborn, and fails, and a scene where he arrives in Namimori.
  • Takeshi Yamamoto, Ryohei Sasagawa, Kyoya Hibari, and Haru Miura debuted in the episode, instead of their respective chapters.
  • Tsunayoshi Sawada is introduced waking up in the morning, while in the manga he was introduced after getting hit in the face with a basket ball and forced to clean up.
  • Tsuna is shown to be on better terms with his mother in the anime, while in the manga he yells at her for barging into his room without permission and shows visible annoyance to her idea of a home tutor.
  • When Tsuna is punished for laughing at Reborn for being a baby, he's kicked in the head by Reborn, with Nana only nonchalantly asking if he was okay. In the manga, Reborn kicks Tsuna in the stomach more violently, with his mother being visibly frightened.
  • There is a scene where Tsuna steps on the tail of a chihuahua by accident, which Reborn later befriends, seen only in the anime.
  • Kyoko isn't introduced until she meets Reborn, while in the manga she is introduced earlier in the chapter.
  • Reborn was easily able to tell that Tsuna had a crush on Kyoko, in the manga he was able to tell after Tsuna hid himself from Kyoko when she first met Reborn.
  • Reborn uses Leon as his gun to shoot Tsuna with a Dying Will Bullet, in the manga Reborn uses a real gun and blood is shown from Tsuna's forehead.

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