Weapon is the 170th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

As Tsuna and Hibari clash, Tsuna is pushed back by Hibari's strength. Tsuna attempts to kick Hibari, propelling himself with his Dying Will Flames. However, he is block. Kusakabe comments on Tsuna's improvement, and Lal Mirch states that he was getting used to the "hard flames" and the "soft flames". Hibari asks how long Tsuna was going to fight without using his weapon, confusing Tsuna. Hibari then leaves to take a nap. Lal Mirch tells Tsuna that his training with her was going to start in 4 hours, and that he should take a rest. Tsuna thinks about the "weapon" Hibari mentioned, and thinks about propelling flames. However, Tsuna recalls that he tried that before, and he was blown back. Suddenly, Tsuna sees Lambo peeking around a corner. When Lambo notices that Tsuna noticed him, he quickly hides, and leaves a piece of candy. Suddenly, Tsuna surprises Lambo, tickling him. Tsuna then goes looking for Haru, finding her beside a staircase. Tsuna then apologizes to Haru, and mentally notices that it was because of everybody's support that he was able to make it this far. Suddenly, Tsuna comes to a revelation for his weapon by hearing the word support, and hurries to the training basement. Tsuna, in the basement, uses a "soft flame" from behind, then fires a "hard flame" at the front, attempting his new attack.

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