Wave Energy Ring Box is the 148th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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The Millefiore Black Spell find "Takeshi Yamanaka", when they are looking for Yamamoto. Gamma tells them to kill Yamanaka. Back at the Vongola Base, Tsuna expresses his frustration at not being able to light a Flame. Reborn, however, kicks Tsuna, telling him to not act cool, as simple resolution will light up the ring. Gokudera then attempts to open the box Lal Mirch gave him, but it doesn't open, tossing it to Yamamoto and calling it an inferior product. Yamamoto attempts to open it, but fails, as well. Lal Mirch then informs them that Tsuna's Flame, the Sky Flame, can open all boxes. Tsuna opens the box, and Lal Mirch quickly takes the Pacifier inside it, dismissing them for the day. As Kyoko tosses and turns in her bed, she thinks about the events that recently transpired. Tsuna goes to the control room, meeting Giannini and Reborn, instead of his intended destination, the bathroom. Reborn then reveals that they received an SOS signal from Hibari's bird, Hibird.

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