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E'la nostra ora incisa sull'anello

Former Vongola Bosses appearing to Tsuna.

The Vongola Trial is a trial that every Vongola Boss must pass in order to become the successor of the Vongola Famiglia.[1] The boss undergoing the trial needs to be in a near-death experience in order to take the trial.

The trial makes the current Boss experience all the sins that the Vongola have committed in the past, and, depending on their resolution, the Vongola Primo decides whether or not they are worthy of the succession.


It is unknown how the first Vongola Trials were like, seeing as though there were less bosses to appear in the formation they did, when Tsuna was given his new power by Primo. It is known that the will and time of each Vongola Boss is carved into the Vongola Sky Ring, allowing them to appear before the next Vongola Boss.


The former Vongola Bosses reveal the Family's sins.

During their training, ten-years-later Kyoya Hibari encased Tsunayoshi Sawada inside his Porcospino Nuvola, forcing him to slowly lose oxygen, in hopes of using the Vongola Trial to quickly upgrade him. While nearly dying inside, a light from the Sky Vongola Ring beams onto Tsuna's forehead, revealing all the past sins of the Vongola. The pain and tragedy of others cause him to suffer and cry, while all the former Vongola bosses appear around him in a circle, requesting he give into the "greatness" of the Vongola's history, as well as accept the sins of it.

The former Vongola Bosses surrounding Tsuna after passing the Trial.

To the surprise of the former bosses, Tsuna states that he doesn't want the power of the Vongola Family, and if he was to inherit such sins, he would rather destroy it completely. This answer gained him Vongola Primo's approval, and before Tsuna could faint, Timoteo catches him, and shows all the bosses standing in two lines facing each other, with Primo sitting on a throne opposite from Tsuna.

Between the eight bosses is the crest of Vongola, and after Primo accepts his long-awaited successor's resolve, all of the former bosses strengthen their flames and the symbol glows. As each boss turns to flame in another circle, Primo bids Tsuna farewell as the boy is consumed by the light, later to break out of Roll's sphere successfully.

The result of this trial gave him the X-Gloves version Vongola Ring, as well as the ability to summon hard and soft Sky Flames, which, according to himself, "flow from deep within him."[2]



  • To date, Tsuna is the youngest Vongola boss to have taken the trial. His answer was also unlike any other before him.
  • During Tsuna's trial, all former bosses appeared, however, only Vongola Secondo, Vongola Quarto, Vongola Quinto and Timoteo spoke prior to the "answer" being given. Primo was also the only other boss to speak.