Vongola Style Parents' Day is the 67th episode of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! anime.

Synopsis Edit

The episode opens with Nana Sawada asking Tsuna what she should wear to the parents' day tomorrow. Tsuna responds unexcitedly, wishing that it would just not happen. He has a flashback of last year's parents' day, remembers that it was a fiasco, and pleads with her not to go. While muttering about it to himself, Reborn hears about it, looking interested.

The next day, Tsuna is mocked by his classmates for last year's fiasco, but Gokudera and Yamamoto support him. Gokudera nearly resorts to using violence before Tsuna stops him.

Later, the class is seen with parents in the background. Initially happy to see his mother absent, Tsuna panics when she walks through the doorway. Reborn is then seen walking down the hallway and going into his hiding place in the fire extinguisher.

The teacher starts by saying that he will pick the students who aren't good at math first. The teacher picks Yamamoto first, who inadverdently guesses the right answer. the next victim is Osamu Kaneda, who is laughed at by Gokudera. After being called a no-good delinquent, Gokudera easily solves two problems, shocking the class. Tsuna is next. He tries to answer the question after being whispered the answer by Gokduera, but before he can do so, he is hit in the back of the head from a sandal.

Tsuna remembers a conversation he had with Reborn last night about parents' day. Reborn insisted on coming, stating it as the perfect opportunity for him, as the home tutor, to observe Tsuna's progress. The teacher asks for Tsuna's answer again, and Tsuna realizes that no matter what he does, Reborn will throw a bomb at him. However, before he can decide what to do, Lambo and I-Pin appear inside the classroom. They begin to wreak havoc in the classroom, and, as a result of Nana taking responsibility, Tsuna is blamed for everything. Bianchi also suddenly appears, and Gokduera collapses.

While the teacher takes Gokudera to the nurse, Reborn takes over the classroom.

Manga & Anime Differences Edit

  • In the anime, this episode takes place after the Varia Arc, while in the manga it still takes place during the Daily Life Arc.
  • In the anime, the episode starts out with Tsuna begging his mother not to attend parents' day.
  • In the anime, Kyoko is given an important role, while in the manga she is only given a small cameo.
  • Hibari and Hana appear in this episode, despite not being present in the manga chapter.
  • In the anime, when Reborn disguises himself as a teacher he discusses topics of becoming smarter with the use of electricity and training muscles with karate, which was not included in the manga.

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