Vongola Secondo & Guardians are the ones that took over the Vongola Famiglia after the Vongola Primo and his Guardians retired, except for Demon Spade, who betrayed the first generation and became Vongola Secondo's Mist Guardian. It was during this generation that the ways of the Vongola changed to focusing more on power, rather than the safety of the people, becoming the Mafia organization they are now. Only two members are known, which are the previous generation's Mist Guardian and Vongola Secondo, a.k.a Vongola Secondo.

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Vongola Secondo Edit

Brillante N083B Secondo


The Vongola Secondo, Secondo, is the second boss of the Vongola Famiglia and is as such referred to as 'Secondo'. Out of all the Vongola bosses, only Secondo fought without a weapon because of his rare and destructive Sky Flame known as the Flame of Wrath that he used whenever he was angry. In the Mafia world, it is believed that he forcefully took over Vongola Primo's position as Vongola Boss and he moved to Japan out of fear by the flame; however, Demon stated that this was, in fact, false, and it was he who forced Primo to step down from his position as Vongola boss. Xanxus is said to be similar to him, in both appearance and personality.

Demon Spade Edit

Deamon Spade

Demon Spade

He served as Primo's Vongola Mist Guardian until he decided that Primo was unfit to lead the Vongola Famiglia and betrayed him, only doing so because he misinterpreted his lover, Elena's dying wish for him to make the Vongola strong. After the first-generation members left, he stayed behind and eventually became Secondo's Mist Guardian. According to the record of Vongola history, he is the only known Guardian so far to have been in the Vongola Famiglia for two generations out of dedication. He is the only guardian of Secondo to be revealed.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Viz Media translation of the REBORN! manga, it was said that the 2nd Generation heirs of the Vongola and Tomaso killed each other off. However, in another translation it says that they were just "involved in a large skirmish during the second generation."
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