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*[[Flame of Wrath]]
*[[Flame of Wrath]]
| seiyu = [[wikipedia:Suzune Okabe|Suzune Okabe]]
| seiyu = [[wikipedia:Suzune Okabe|Suzune Okabe]]
| anime debut = [[Flame of Wrath (Episode)|Episode 58]]
| anime debut = [[Flame of Wrath (episode)|Episode 58]]
| manga debut = [[Inheritance|Chapter 158]]
| manga debut = [[Inheritance|Chapter 158]]

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Ricardo was the second generation boss of the Vongola Famiglia, inherited from Giotto. He is known for his unique Dying Will Flame, the Flame of Wrath. It is said that during his reign, he was the fear of the underworld because of his Flame's incredibly destructive power.

Character Outline


As his personality has been compared to Xanxus, it can be inferred that he was impulsive and brash.


Ricardo has long spiky black hair that is tied to a slim ponytail. He wears a maroon two-piece suit with an olive dress shirt. Ricardo has green eyes, forked eyebrows, and V-shaped sideburns.

Weapons and abilities

Ricardo was stated to have unrivaled combat abilities and an intensity which Xanxus also shares.

  • Flame of Wrath - Vongola Secondo was the only Vongola Boss that did not use a weapon, but instead an ability called the "Flame of Wrath." It was said to be the most destructive Flame among all of the Vongola Bosses. When using it, he wields no supporting weapon and instead only shoots his Flames out from his hands.


  • According to Xanxus, it was because of Ricardo's power that Giotto moved to Japan, out of fear of facing the new boss's anger himself. Daemon Spade however, later states that this is false, claiming that it was he who forced Giotto to step down despite being one of his Guardians.
  • The name Ricardo means "powerful leader".
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