Sky Ring Battle

The Vongola Ring Conflict is a battle two sets of Vongola Boss candidates and his Guardians must fight against each other if the current Vongola Boss and External Advisor disagree over a selection of the next Vongola Boss. The supervisors of the battle are the Cervello.

Rules Edit

  1. Outside intervention during a battle is forbidden.
  2. Both fighters must have their authentic Half Vongola Ring during the battle.
  3. Tardy arrival by one fighter will result in an automatic victory to the other.
  4. If the Sky Vongola Ring rejects a Vongola Boss candidate, their candidacy is automatically retracted.
  5. The battle does not end until one fighter obtains the other's Half Vongola Ring.

Vongola Decimo Ring Conflict Edit

Tsunayoshi Sawada and his Guardians were selected by Iemitsu Sawada, the Vongola External Advisor of the time, while Xanxus and his Guardians were chosen by an impersonated Vongola Nono. The battles took place at Namimori High School.

Sun Ring Battle (Ryohei Sasagawa vs. Lussuria) Edit

  • Winner : Ryohei Sasagawa

Lightning Ring Battle (Lambo vs. Levi A Than) Edit

  • Winner : Levi A Than
    • Sky Ring forfeited to Varia team due to disallowed intervention by Tsuna's team

Storm Ring Battle (Hayato Gokudera vs. Belphegor) Edit

  • Winner : Belphegor

Rain Ring Battle (Takeshi Yamamoto vs. Superbia Squalo) Edit

  • Winner : Takeshi Yamamoto

Mist Ring Battle (Chrome Dokuro/Mukuro Rokudo vs. Mammon) Edit

  • Winner : Chrome Dokuro (Mukuro Rokudo)

Cloud Ring Battle (Kyoya Hibari vs. Gola Mosca) Edit

  • Winner : Kyoya Hibari

Sky Ring Battle (Tsunayoshi Sawada vs Xanxus) Edit

  • Winner : Tsunayoshi Sawada
    • Sky Ring regained by Tsuna's team and officially won.

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