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The Vongola Rings are special Rings worn by the current Vongola Guardians after a new successor to the Vongola Famiglia is chosen. These Rings, along with the Arcobaleno Pacifiers, and the Mare Rings make up the Tri-ni-sette, three sets of extremely powerful artifacts that are said to have created the world.


The symbol in the boss ring

The rings are a signifier of the current boss (or heir apparent) and their chosen Guardians.  In its sealed form, the rings are all a dark metallic silver with lighter silver detailing. The Guardian rings are centered around a shield with a fleur-de-lis on either side. Each shield has the symbol of each Guardians' Flames.under three clam shells. The boss' ring is the most intricate, with vines wrapping around the ring. Its center stone is a smooth blue crystal. Inside the clear crystal, the name 'Vongola' is visibly written on a banner in the middle. Above the banner is a crown with a clam on it, while underneath it is a small fleur-de-lis.

The symbol in the true rings and on the Vongola Boxes.

The original, true forms of the rings are much more colorful. The Guardian rings are silver with long hexagonal gemstones the same color as their Flames as the center. Prongs keep the gems in place; two above, and a band with 'Vongla' across the bottom. Inside the clear gems is a symbol representing their Flame. Above that is a symbol shared with the Vongola Box Weapons; A scepter going through a 'Vongola' banner, stylized clouds, and a crown with a clam on it. The boss ring's main gem also has the same symbol in it. The gem is circled in silver with pieces of the Guardian Rings' gems inlaid in it as well. The top says 'Vongola' and the bottom 'Famiglia.'


The current version of the Vongola Rings is a sealed form that Vongola Primo placed. It was only meant to be temporary and was reduced to this form as to ensure that the Vongola Rings were properly passed down to their proper successors. And in order to sustain the division, Vongola Primo decided to restrain the maximum output of the Flames, therefore making it weaker than the Mare Rings and the Arcobaleno Pacifiers. He sealed the power of the Rings before retiring because he didn't trust what the Vongola would become.

The rings have also been further reduced when split in half in the case of a Vongola Ring Conflict. Such as it was between candidates Tsunayoshi Sawada and Xanxus for the role of Vongola Decimo.

The Half-Rings were first seen in a case that Basil held, which Squalo had to fight Yamamoto, Gokudera, and Tsuna to attain.[1][2]

In the Future Arc, their importance was emphasized together with other Rings that utilize the Dying Will Flame. In the future, Tsuna of that time thought that the Vongola Rings would cause conflicts and in order to ensure the well-being of the Vongola Famiglia, destroyed them.

When the current Tsuna showed his resolve, Giotto entrusted him and his Guardians with the Vongola Rings' True Form, believing that Tsuna and his Guardians would understand the true meaning of both the Ring and his resolve.

Half Vongola Rings[]

Half Vongola Rings

The Vongola Rings are further reduced if the External Advisor, the leader of the CEDEF, and the current boss disagree on who the heir apparent should be. One set goes to the current Vongola Boss and the other goes to the External Advisor. Both parties can then give their portion to the candidate they support to rule the Vongola Famiglia next.

Original Vongola Rings[]

The original Vongola Rings release the true power of the Rings, giving the user a huge boost in power. The release of this power is such that even 50% of the original Rings' power is more than the full power of the normal Rings.

The original Vongola Rings had been sealed away for eight out of ten generations of the Vongola Famiglia. The only two generations that had used this power were the First Generation Vongola Boss and Guardians and the Tenth Generation Boss and Vongola Guardians. Giotto entrusted Tsuna and his Guardians with the Vongola Rings' original form, stating that he did so because he believed that Tsuna and his Guardians would understand the true meaning of both the Ring and his will.

Unfortunately, during Tsuna's inheritance ceremony to inherit the mantle of Vongola Decimo, Enma and his Guardians crushed the rings into pieces during their misguided attempt for revenge.[3]

Vongola Gear[]

After the Vongola Rings were damaged in the Guardians battle with the Simon Famiglia, Talbot upgraded them using the power of the Animal Rings and Vongola Primo's blood, Penalty.

The upgraded rings have taken new forms to suit its wielder, being made exclusively for the 10th Generation boss and Guardians and are now called "Vongola Gear".



  • Before the Rings were upgraded, they were jagged rocks with a mineral in the shape of their respective flames, a "Vongola ore".
  • The Ring of Sky only recognizes relatives of Giotto as the Boss of the Vongola and anyone else will be rejected, as happened to Xanxus.
  • According to Talbot, the Vongola Rings have spirits inside of them that are not only alive, but also sentient. The spirits told Talbot of the Vongola Gear.[citation needed]