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This article is about a subject that has not been officially named in any official Katekyo Hitman Reborn! translated material; the current title is merely a placeholder.

Vongola Primo and his Guardians were the first-generation members and founders of the Vongola Famiglia. The Famiglia initially started as a vigilante group to protect townspeople at the times when the law could not protect them from crimes.


Giotto's group stands out among the families of the other generations thanks to being made up of individuals from the most diverse backgrounds, including a soldier, a cleric, a member of royalty, and a rival mafioso. This was due to Giotto's peculiar character, as according to Reborn, he accepted into the Vongola anyone he liked.

They retired and relocated to Japan after Demon Spade betrayed the rest in the wake of Elena's death, whereupon they were replaced by Vongola Secondo & Guardians.

All members carry a special watch made by Talbot, whom Giotto requested to make it to symbolize their friendship. Numbers and messages are engraved beneath the covers of each pocket watch. Giotto stated that the numbers were based on the name "Primo" that the Guardians gave to Giotto.[1]


Vongola Primo & Guardians


  • There are a number of similarities in both appearance and personality between the members of the first generation family and their correspondents in the tenth generation Boss and Guardians,between them:
    • Both bosses (Giotto and Tsuna) in addition to being very similar physically, they are very kind and only fight to protect rather than power.
    • The Storm Guardians (G and Hayato Gokudera) are ex-delinquents who are the right arms of their bosses,have an easily irritated and aggressive personality and who use medium-range weapons.
    • The Rain Guardians (Ugetsu Asari and Takeshi Yamamoto) are easygoing and kind and have given up their important possessions to follow the sword path for their boss and friends. Ugetsu gave up the music and Takeshi gave up the beiseboll. Your Storm Guardians also consider them too soft.
    • The Sun Guardians (Knuckle and Ryohei Sasagawa) are passionate about boxing and like to use the word "Extreme". The two also show themselves as very kind people, as they hate killing people.
    • The Guardians of Thunder (Lampow and Lambo) are cowards and spoiled, but they respect their bosses, as Lampow doesn't refuse Giotto's request and Lambo sees Tsuna as his big brother. They are also the youngest of their generation and also possibly the weakest.
    • The Cloud Guardians (Alaudi and Kyoya Hibari) they are loners and prefer to be alone, rarely interacting with the family, but they are helpful and loyal when needed. In addition to being recognized as the strongest Guardians of their generations.
    • The Mist Guardians (Demon Spade and Mukuro Rokudo) are considered untrustworthy and are the darkest and cruelest of their generations. However, the two have very different goals and ideologies, as while Demon wants the Vongola to become more powerful, Mukuro wants to destroy the mafia.