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Vongola Grand Prix Arrives! (ボンゴレGP(グランプリ)来る!, Bongore Guran Puri Kuru!?) is a spin-off manga of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! series created by Akira Amano. The manga is drawn and written by Takayama Toshinori. It was printed in Saikyō Jump from December 2010 to December 2012 


This spin-off takes place in a very different setting, where instead of the Mafia, Racers exist. Racers use go-karts, and during a race anything goes, including any type of interference to prevent your opponent from winning.

Tsuna is the descendant of the person know as the greatest racer in history, Primo, but is absolutely horrible in the sport himself and has lost 999 races in a row. Tsuna races for Team Vongola, and is known as the disgrace of Vongola Town. One day, a baby named Reborn suddenly appears in front of Tsuna and claims that he's been ordered by Vongola the Ninth to become Tsuna's racing coach and train him to become a great racer like Primo.

Volumes and chapters[]

# Volume Release date ISBN
1 Baby Coach Arrives!
(赤ちゃんコーチ来る!, Akachan Kōchi Kuru!?)
June 4, 2012 ISBN 978-4088704609

Vongola GP1.png
157 Pages

  • 01. Baby Coach Arrives! (赤ちゃんコーチ来る!, Akachan kochi kuru!?)
  • 02. Yamamoto Arrives! (山本来る!, Yamamoto kuru!?)
  • 03. Hibari Arrives! (ヒバリ来る!, Hibari kuru!?)
  • 04. Irregulars Arrives! (イレギュラズくる!, Iregyurazu kuru!?)
  • 05. Mysterious Trio Arrives! (謎の3人組来る!, Nazo no 3-nin-gumi kuru!?)
2 Varia Team Arrives!
(チーム・ヴァリアー来る!, Chīmu Variā Kuru!?)
September 4, 2012 ISBN 978-4088705286

Vongola GP2.png
159 Pages

  • 06. Kokuyo GP Arrives! (Part 1) (コクヨウGP(グランプリ)来る(前編)!, Kokuyo Guran Puri kuru! (Zenhen)?)
  • 07. Kokuyo GP Arrives! (Part 2) (コクヨウGP(グランプリ)来る(後編)!, Kokuyo Guran Puri kuru! (Kōhen)?)
  • 08. Team Varia Arrives! (Part 1) (チームヴァリアー来る(前編)!, Chīmu Variā Kuru! (Zenhen)?)
  • 09. Team Varia Arrives! (Part 2) (チームヴァリアー来る(中編)!, Chīmu Variā Kuru! (Chūhen)?)
  • 10. Team Varia Arrives! (Sequel) (チームヴァリアー来る(後編)!, Chīmu Variā Kuru! (Kōhen)?)
3 Arcobare Grand Prix Arrives!
(アルコバレーGP来る!, Arukobarē GP kuru!?)
December 4, 2012 ISBN 978-4088705880

Vongola GP3.png
159 Pages

  • 11. Brother Student Arrives! (兄弟子来る!, Anideshi kuru!?)
  • 12. Super Trainer Arrives! (スーパートレーナー来る!, Sūpātorēnā Kuru!?)
  • 13. Reborn's Rival? Arrives! (リボーンのライバル?来る!, Ribōn no Raibaru? Kuru!?)
  • 14. Intelligence VS Force VS.. Arrives! (知力VS(バーサス)武力VS(バーサス)...来る!, Chiryoku bāsasu Buryoku bāsasu...Kuru!?)
  • 15. Arcobare Grand Prix Arrives! (Part 1) (アルコバレーGP(グランプリ)来る!(前編), Arukobarē guranpuri kuru! (Zenpen)?)
  • 16. Arcobare Grand Prix Arrives! (Part 2) (アルコバレーGP(グランプリ)来る!(後編), Arukobarē guranpuri kuru! (Kōhen)?)

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