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Vongola Famiglia vs. Simon Famiglia is the first major battle of the Inheritance Ceremony Arc


During the passing of the Vongola Sin, the Shimon intervene and cause the Ninth to drop the Sin. He reassures Tsuna that it was merely a fake, and that the real Sin was inside a foolproof safe in another room. Just then, Enma reveals that he has broken into the safe and taken the Sin. He drips it onto his hand, which then transforms into a gauntlet. He reveals the story between Giotto and Cozart Shimon, and declares that he will bring the Shimon Famiglia back to its former glory for that. The other six members then get the Sin onto their hands, and reveal their hidden power, said to rival the Vongola's Seven Sky Flames – the Seven Earth Flames.


Afterwards, Tsuna enters Hyper Dying Will Mode, but before he gets a chance to do anything, Enma uses his powers to crush Hibari, Gokudera, Chrome and Ryohei with ease, also revealing Yamamoto to be an illusion. Enma then proceeds to announce he only hasn't attacked Tsuna to make him experience the pain of Shimon, and breaks the Vongola Rings of Sun, Cloud, Mist and Storm. Tsuna then attacks Enma, causing a reaction on their respective Rings, but he is overpowered. Adelheid then announces that Enma's powers will take seven days to reach full

File:Rsz katekyo-hitman-reborn-1436868.jpg

A seventh of Enma's power

power, and thus Enma is only using a seventh of it, to the shock of both Reborn and Tsuna. After overwhelming Dino and the Varia, and finally breaking the Vongola Ring of Sky, the Shimon take their leave with Julie taking Chrome saying they have date plans.


Chrome is kidnapped by Julie, and the Vongola Rings are shattered.


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