Tsuna And The Guardians

The Guardians (minus Chrome and including Reborn)

Future Guardians

The future Guardians

Vongola Decimo & Guardians are the members that Vongola Decimo, Tsuna, has in his family. All the Guardians in Tsuna's family has had some connection with Tsuna prior to becoming his Guardians (except Chrome, who became a part-Guardian through Mukuro).
Tsuna himself never chose his Guardians, but the group was chosen by his tutor Reborn and Tsuna's father Iemitsu Sawada.
This Generation could be called, in a way, the true successors of the Vongola, as they alone were approved by the 1st Generation Family, and gained access to the Original Vongola Rings, something that eight Generations before them haven't had. They were also called "The Second Coming of the First Vongola Family" as stated in manga chapter 322 'Hibari Vs. 500'

Tsunayoshi Sawada

File:01.Tsunayoshi (Tsuna) Sawada.jpg

Also known as Vongola Decimo, the 10th Generation Boss who is said to have inherited the will of the First Vongola Boss, Giotto. Tsuna became the reluctant boss of the Vongola, often denying his role. Tsuna doesn't see himself as the boss, but rather fights to protect those he cares about.
Tsuna has a tendency to accept anyone, even past enemies, a trait which he shares with the First Vongola Boss.
Respected by his family and the current Vongola boss, Tsuna is said to have what it takes to steer the Vongola to what it originally was, and clear its blood stained name.
Tsuna's understanding of his family, and acceptance of past enemies, fulfills the role of the Vongola Sky Boss which is "Rain, Storm, Cloud, Sun, Mist, and Lightning, he influences all of them. He understands and accepts all of them."

Hayato Gokudera

File:03. Hayato Gokudera.jpg

The storm Guardian of the 10th Generation Vongola Family, Gokudera follows his boss through thick and thin, and initially, didn't mind dying for the sake of the Vongola. However, after getting to know his boss better, Gokudera's suicide like tendencies subsided, and now looks to somehow survive each battle, so as to be able to laugh with the family again once the battle is over.
Gokudera's pride is in being a Guardian, and in the future he achives his dream of becoming the right hand man of Tsuna. He's said to resemble his predecessor G. in personality and fighting style. He holds the position of the Guardian of the Storm in the Vongola family, and will do whatever it takes to protect the Vongola. His fighting style and personality fits the role of the Vongola Guardian of Storm, which is "Continuously at the heart of the attack, the furious Storm that never rests."

Takeshi Yamamoto

File:02. Takeshi Yamamoto.jpg

The Rain Guardian of the 10th Generation Vongola Family. Initially Yamamoto believed that the "mafia" was a game being played by his friends, and joined willingly, eager to be part of the group.
Yamamoto is the sole Swordsman in his family, a trait he shares with the 1st Generation Vongola Rain Guardian Asari Ugetsu. Yamamoto is extremely proud of his sword style which he inherited from his father, Tsuyoshi Yamamoto, often saying that his sword style is a perfect style and second to none, and will not let anyone look down on it.
Although generally friendly, Yamamoto is quite powerful in battle, often defying the odds by beating opponents said to be more powerful than him. His agility and reflexes have people calling him a natural-born hitman.
Yamamoto is one of the more calm people in the 10th Generation Family, and has often solved any squabbles that may arise, and thus fulfills the role of the Rain Guardian which is "To become a blessed shower that settles conflict and washes everything away."

Ryohei Sasagawa

File:04.Ryohei Sasagawa.jpg

The highly energetic Sun Guardian of the 10th Generation Vongola Family, Ryohei has the tendancy to overdo whatever he sets out to do. Whether its a 1000 push-ups or early morning jogs, Ryohei does whatever it takes to stay in prime condition.
Ryohei's pride is his boxing, a trait he shares with the First Generation Sun Guardian Knuckle. He is willing to bet it all on his boxing and bases his fights on the rules of boxing, such as a fight always being one-on-one. The Sun Guardian of the Vongola Family does whatever is required of him to protect his friends and family, even if it puts his own body at risk, and thus fulfills the role of the Vongola Sun Guardian, which is "Destroying the misfortune that attacks the Family with their own body, they become the Sun that brightly shines upon an area."

Kyoya Hibari

File:07. Kyoya Hibari.jpg

The Cloud Guardian of the 10th Generation Vongola Family, Kyoya Hibari is a person who hates crowds and prefers to be alone.
Often regarded as the strongest Guardian of the 10th Generation Family, Hibari has a lust for battle, and enjoys battling strong opponents. The respect he has for a person depends on the strength of the individual.
Hibari's lone wolf attitude is a trait he shares with his predecessor, Alaude, as both hated company, and prefered to do things alone.
Although he has the tendancy to distance himself from the rest of the Family, Hibari will step in if his comrades are in danger. His ability in battle, and his lone wolf attitude fulfills the role of the Cloud Guardian in the Vongola Family, which is "To be the aloof, drifting Cloud that protects the Family from an independent standpoint, and whom nothing can ever bind".


05. Lambo


The Lightning Guardian of the 10th Generation Vongola Family, originally from the Bovino Famiglia, Lambo is a 5 year old kid with an overly large ego. Lambo is by far the youngest Guardian in the family, and as such the rest of the group try to keep him out of battle as much as they possibly can.
Lambo has the tendency to irritate those around him with his behavior and way of thinking. However his family care for him greatly, going to great lengths to keep him safe.
The few times that Lambo does battle, he uses the Ten Year Bazooka to switch with his 15 year old self. As a 15 year old, Lambo's combat capabilities have greatly improved, and he gives of a calmer more subtle aura.
Due to being struck by lightning countless times, Lambo's physiology has changed in such a way that Lambo's skin can easily conduct electricity, thus allowing him to fulfill the role of the Vongola Lightning Guardian, which is "To draw damage to himself and away from the rest of the Family, serving as a lightning rod."

Mukuro Rokudo/Chrome Dokuro

Mukuro Rokudo

File:06.Mukuro Rokudo.jpg
The 10th Generation Vongola Mist Guardian, Mukuro was initially an enemy of the 10th Generation Family, looking to take over Tsuna's body in his bid to destroy the Mafia, however after his defeat at the hands of Tsuna, Tsuna's father Iemitsu Sawada offered him the position of the Mist Guardian, in return for protecting his friends, Ken and Chikusa.

Since then, Mukuro has aided the 10th Family many times, always stating that he will one day take over Tsuna. However, due to Mukuro being locked away in the Vendicare Prison, his participation is limited. Due to this, Chrome Dokuro, one of his followers, assumes the role of the Mist Guardian during his absence. If the situation demands it, Mukuro can take over Chrome's body and fight. Mukuro's way of deceit and his mastery of illusions fullfills the role of the Vongola Mist Guardian, which is "Creating something from nothing, and nothing from something; thus bewildering the enemy, to render the Family's true form intangible with visions of deceit."

Chrome Dokuro

File:Chrome Dokuro.jpg
Mukuro's follower, and co-holder of the Vongola Mist ring, and thus the co-holder of the title of the Vongola Mist Guardian for the 10th Generation Family. Chrome's personality vastly contrasts with Mukuro's, as Chrome is more shy and timid whereas Mukuro is intimidating and aggressive.

Chrome assumes the role of the Mist Guardian in Mukuro's absence, and has fought many battles alongside the family. Chrome is viewed as a friend by her fellow Guardians, and thus strives to become stronger in order to aid them, and her savior Mukuro. Due to the encouragement of her friends, Chrome slowly breaks out of her shell and becomes more active to both her duties as a friend and her role as a Guardian.


  • All of Tsuna's Guardians had a relationship with him prior to gaining their Vongola Rings; several were Tsuna's classmates, emphasizing the "Family" aspect of the Guardians' roles within the Mafia.
  • Because the Guardian of Mist is actually two people sharing one body (Chrome Dokuro and Mukuro Rokudo) fans debated over which one was the actual Vongola Guardian. Still it is unknown if both or one of them is the Mist Guardian. Iemitsu, however, chose Mukuro to become the Guardian of the Mist Ring during the Varia Arc, so Mukuro may well be the original/true holder. Despite this, both are able to use Mukurou's Cambio Forma.
  • Hibari is Tsuna's oldest guardian and Lambo his youngest.
  • There are many similarities between the members of Giotto and Tsuna's Families:
    • Giotto and Tsuna look alike, have the same near-range combat Weapon (though Tsuna's Weapon has a "X" on it instead of an "I") and similar techniques (Zero Point Breakthough). They both care deeply for their friends; neither act like normal Mafia as a result of their desire to protect their love ones.
    • Knuckle and Ryohei used their fists to fight and were boxers; they look alike but have different hair colors. In the future Ryohei noted that he can't kill, a reference to the fact that after the First Sun Guardian accidentally killed someone he became inactive due to being afraid of taking another life. Both seem to like to use the word "Extreme" a lot.
    • Lampo and Lambo look alike and are cowards; both have been put into battle, though Tsuna doesn't want Lambo to participate though he needed to do so because of his status as a Vongola Guardian. Both highly respected their respective Bosses, with Lampo not being able to say no to Giotto and Lambo thinking of Tsuna as an older brother.
    • G. and Gokudera look alike and are also their Boss' right-hand man. Both are skilled in mid-range combat: the first Storm Guardian used a Bow and Arrow and Gokudera used Bombs, both mid-range combat Weapons; Gokudera's Vongola Box is also based on the First Storm Guardian's Bow and Arrow. They were the first members of their families, and G., as stated by Fon, had the same impulsive personality as Gokudera.
    • Asari Ugetsu and Yamamoto look similar; they both use four Swords and have deep devotions to their bosses (Giotto and Tsuna) and friends. Both were also faced with the decision to give up something they loved or follow the path of the Blade: the First Rain Guardian gave up music to help Giotto when he was in trouble, and Yamamoto gave up baseball to help Tsuna.
    • Daemon Spade and Chrome/Mukuro have similar looks and personalities; they are also the least trustworthy members of the guardians. They do, however, have contrasting visions, with one looking to make the Vongola more powerful and the other looking to destroy the Mafia. The co-holder of the Mist Ring, Chrome, however is said to have nothing in common with Daemon.
    • Alaude and Hibari look similar, but have different eye and hair colour. They have both been said to be the strongest guardians of their families; Dino has stated that Hibari reminds him of the First Vongola Cloud Guardian as the First never stood alongside the Family or got along with anyone, and that he loved being alone. Both also worked in law enforcement, the First Cloud Guardian worked with a secret intelligence agency and Hibari was the head of his school prefects. It has also been stated by Knuckle that when he was younger Alaude shared the same bloodlust as Hibari.
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