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The Vongola Decimo and his guardians are the tenth generation Boss and Guardians of the Vongola Famiglia. They were all accepted as guardians by the first generation Guardians and inherited the Original Vongola Rings, an accomplishment that the eight generations prior had not achieved. They are dubbed as the second coming of the first generation of the Vongola Famiglia.


The group was unofficially formed during the Kokuyo Arc, when Vongola Nono ordered them to defeat Mukuro Rokudo and his group. During that excursion, the group only had four members, which consisted of Tsunayoshi Sawada, Hayato Gokudera, Takeshi Yamamoto, and Bianchi. This unofficial group was dissolved soon after the Kokuyo Gang was defeated.

Later, Tsuna was forced into a battle against Vongola's Assassination Squad, Varia, due to different choice of Vongola Boss successors between Timoteo the Vongola Nono and Iemitsu Sawada the leader of CEDEF. Following rule and tradition of Vongola, the two Vongola Boss candidates and their respective Guardians must participate in the Ring Conflict, in which both sides fight to obtain the right to become the true successor of Vongola. As Tsuna was still new about Vongola, his tutor Reborn and his father Iemitsu chose the Guardians in Tsuna's stead. Iemitsu chose the Mist Guardian while Reborn chose the rest. Following their victory in the Sky Match, the Vongola Decimo and his Guardians were officially formed and recognized as the successors of Vongola.


Vongola Decimo & Guardians




  • Vongola Decimo & Guardians are represented by an "X" logo on their respective weapons from Inheritance Ceremony Arc onwards. Being a reference to them being the 10th generation of the Vongola.
    Vongola X Logo.png
  • All of Tsuna's Guardians had a relationship with him prior to gaining their Vongola Rings; several were Tsuna's classmates, emphasizing the "Family" aspect of the Guardians' roles within the Mafia.
  • Because the Mist Guardian was once two people sharing one body (Chrome Dokuro and Mukuro Rokudo), fans debated over which one was the actual Vongola Guardian. As it is still unclear who the official Guardian of Mist is, it is known that Iemitsu Sawada chose Mukuro, who was using Chrome's body, to become the Guardian of the Mist Ring during the Varia Arc. Also, Mukuro was the one who changed the ore to Vongola Gear as well as being the last one seen wearing the Earring of the Mist Version X. Despite this, both are able to use Mukuro's Cambio Forma in the Future Arc and Chrome has been taking Mukuro's place more than he has been around.
  • Hibari is Tsuna's oldest guardian and Lambo is his youngest, while Mukuro is his tallest guardian and Lambo is also his shortest.
  • Excluding Yamamoto and Chrome, all of Tsuna's guardians at one point were deemed as antagonistic towards him as the following:
    • Gokudera attacked him with dynamite under the pretense of wanting to become boss.
    • Ryohei fought him during a boxing tournament.
    • Lambo was Reborn's self-proclaimed rival and while not intentionally attacking Tsuna, he managed to cause him trouble.
    • Hibari, as head of the disciplinary committee, punished Tsuna on multiple occasions for breaking rules.
    • Mukuro was the main antagonist of Kokuyo Arc and leader of Kokuyo Junior High Gang.
  • There are many similarities between the members of Giotto and Tsuna's Families:
    • Giotto and Tsuna look alike, have the same near-range combat Weapon, their respective Gloves (though Tsuna's Glove has a "X" on it instead of an Giotto's "I") and similar techniques (Zero Point Breakthrough). They both care deeply for their friends, and neither act like normal Mafia as a result of their desire to protect their loved ones.
    • G and Gokudera look alike and are also their Boss' right-hand man. Both are skilled in mid-range combat: the first Storm Guardian used a Bow and Arrow and Gokudera used Bombs, both mid-range combat Weapons; Gokudera's Vongola Box is also based on the First Storm Guardian's Bow and Arrow. They were the first members of their families, and G., as stated by Fon, had the same impulsive personality as Gokudera. In addition, Gokudera and Tsuna were the first two members of the tenth generation of the Vongola family, similar to G and Giotto who were the first two members of the first generation.
    • Ugetsu Asari and Yamamoto look similar; they both use four Swords and have deep devotions to their boss (Giotto and Tsuna) and friends. Both were also faced with the decision to give up something they loved to follow the path of the Blade: the First Rain Guardian gave up music to help Giotto when he was in trouble, and Yamamoto gave up baseball to help Tsuna and Ugetsu has the same cheerful and easy-going personality as Yamamoto.
    • Knuckle and Ryohei used their fists to fight and were boxers; they look alike and both have a bandage on their nose but have different hair colors and style. In the future Ryohei noted that he can't kill; which is a reference to the fact that after the First Sun Guardian accidentally killed someone he became inactive due to being afraid of taking another life. Both like to use the word "Extreme" a lot.
    • Lampow and Lambo look alike and are cowards; both have been put into battle, though Tsuna doesn't want Lambo to participate though he needed to do so because of his status as a Vongola Guardian. Both highly respected their respective Bosses, with Lampow not being able to say no to Giotto and Lambo thinking of Tsuna as an older brother.
    • Alaudi and Hibari look similar, but have different eye and hair color. They have both been said to be the strongest guardians of their families; Dino has stated that Hibari reminds him of the First Vongola Cloud Guardian as the First never stood alongside the Family or got along with anyone, and that he loved being alone. Both also worked in law enforcement, the First Cloud Guardian was the first head of CEDEF and Hibari was the head of his school prefects. It has also been stated by Knuckle that when Alaudi was younger, he shared the same bloodlust as Hibari. However, despite being distant from the family and acting independently, they were still reliable in critical moments.
    • Demon Spade and Mukuro have similar looks and personalities, and they are also the least trustworthy members of the guardians. They do, however, have contrasting visions, with one looking to make the Vongola more powerful and the other looking to destroy the Mafia. However, the co-holder of the Mist Ring, Chrome, has nothing in common with Daemon.
    • Elena and Chrome have nothing in common in terms of looks; however, both women are the reason the respective Mist Guardians, Demon and Mukuro, help out the Vongola Famiglia. Being the only two mentioned and included in the main Famiglia, they are closest to the Mist Guardians as Elena was Demon's lover and Chrome shared a body with Mukuro as well as his subordinate. Chrome does harbor feelings towards Mukuro as well but it is unknown if he feels the same way, however, it is strongly hinted that he genuinely cares for her.
  • Tsuna's Guardians have all had a different way of referring to him. Gokudera calls him Tenth, Ryohei calls him Sawada, Chrome calls him Boss, Hibari calls him small animal when speaking to him directly, and Mukuro almost always refers to him by his full name or Sawada. Only Yamamoto and Lambo both call him Tsuna, though Lambo regularly adds the No-Good part in front of it while Yamamoto doesn't.
  • This seems to be the only generation where there are two Mist Guardians (Chrome and Mukuro respectively).
  • Mukuro and Lambo are the only Guardians who don't study in Namimori. Mukuro was from Kokuyo, whereas Lambo is too young, as he is only 5 years old.
  • Chrome is the only female Guardian of Tsuna.
  • This generation has at least three members of Italian descent: Tsuna is partially Italian due to being a descendant of Giotto, Gokudera is half Italian and Japanese, Lambo is Italian of pure blood, and Mukuro is said to be an Italian in Vongola 77 Databook. The remaining members all appear to be of Japanese descent.
  • This generation has at least four members who were trained by an Arcobaleno: Tsuna is the disciple of Reborn, who also gave special training to Yamamoto during the Future Arc, Ryohei became Collonello's disciple during the Varia Arc and, during the Future Arc, Chrome received special training for Mammon (albeit as a hologram).
  • Similar to the first generation, this one has very unique members. Tsuna is a boy who has no aptitude for anything, Gokudera is an ex-delinquent cross between Japanese and Italian, Yamamoto is a baseball maniac, Ryohei is a passionate boxer, Lambo came from another mad family, Hibari doesn't respect or obey Tsuna (his boss), and Mukuro wants the mafia's destruction.