Vongola bosses

The former Vongola Bosses surrounding Tsunayoshi Sawada.

The Vongola Boss is the highest position in the hierarchy of the Vongola Famiglia. As the Vongola Famiglia is the strongest Mafia family in existence, a Vongola Boss can be considered as the highest position in the Mafia overall.


The Vongola Boss has the power to command everything under his/her jurisdiction. This power stems from a long history of strength and authority that every former Vongola Boss seems to have. The Vongola Bosses are also known for having the power to see through all, a trait passed down from Vongola Primo called Vongola Hyper Intuition.

All of the Vongola Bosses could produce Sky Flames, either through a medium like the Vongola Ring or through their body. This trait is enough to prove one is a part of the Vongola bloodline.


The Blood of Vongola is said to be required in order for one to become a Boss candidate, meaning that only blood relatives of Giotto are eligible for the position of Vongola boss and adopted members of the Famiglia are not accepted. It is unknown how Ricardo and the successors were accepted.

The Vongola Trial is a trial that every Vongola Boss must pass in order to gain a great power. The bosses need to be in a near-death experience in order to take the trial, and must be able to deal with the sins committed by the Famiglia.

The next Vongola Boss is chosen by both the current boss and the CEDEF, their opinions equal. The heir inherits the position, Sky Vongola Ring, and the Vongola Sin.

Should the choices of both parties be different, Half Vongola Rings are handed to the chosen heirs and guardians. A battle will occur between the candidates and the winner will claim the both halves of the rings and the title.

List of Vongola Bosses

Other candidates


  • In a recent character popularity poll, Daniela reached the best position among the Vongola Bosses besides Tsuna, appearing at the 6th position.
  • According to Reborn, all Vongola Bosses are classified into either the militant faction or the moderate faction, Timoteo being an example of a boss from the moderate faction.