Vongola & Simon vs. Demon Spade is the seventh major battle of the Inheritance Ceremony Arc, being a battle between the tenth generation Vongola Guardians and Simon Ring Holders and the first and second generation Mist Vongola Guardian, Demon Spade.

Prelude Edit

Kaoru Mizuno appears and stabs Demon from behind. However, it turns out that Spade used an illusion of himself, and the real Demon Spade stabs Kaoru from behind, revealing that he controls not only the Mist of the Seven Flames of the Sky, but he also commands the power of Desert of Seven Flames of the Earth. Hibari then challenges him into fight, but instead Spade orders Chrome to create a Mist Barrier with her technique, Cortina Nebbia, to trap Tsuna and the others since he realizes that it will be troublesome if they all attack him at once. Realizing something wrong with Chrome, Tsuna asked why she listens to Demon, to which Chrome replies that she belongs to him and thus, so does Mukuro's body. Demon explains that in order to create a strong Vongola after Tsuna and his family are gone, he will need a strong, tough, and healty vessel—to which Mukuro is the perfect candidate. Reborn notes that most likely, in order to interact with reality, Spade needs to be inside a body; hence using Chrome as means to get to Rokudo Mukuro. Knowing Demon Spade's intentions, Hibari claims that he must bite him to death now because Mukuro is his prey. Demon laughs but then warns them that if the Mist Barrier breaks, Chrome will die.

Summary Edit

Kaoru desperately stands up and once again stabs Demon but it has no effect and Demon counters it easily, gravely injuring Kaoru. Tsuna panicks seeing Kaoru will be killed but Gokudera angrily interrupts that Kaoru is also the one responsible for injuring Yamamoto. Demon thanks Kaoru for what he has done and is about to give him the finishing blow when he is stopped by the fully recovered Yamamoto who blocks his Scythe with his sword, surprising everyone. Kaoru asks why he saved him when he had attempted to take his life, Yamamoto replies that it is because they are friends. Kaoru apologizes tearfully to Yamamoto, who forgave him and told him to leave the rest to him. Tsuna asks if he is really alright as Demon says that he still cannot believe that Yamamoto, who was supposed to be injured to the verge of death, is standing right in front of him, which Yamamoto replies that Demon himself is some ghost who was supposed to be dead long time ago. When Demon noticed that Yamamoto doesn't seem to be illusion, Yamamoto tells him that he was saved by an acquaintance. Demon doesn't know who he is referring to but just puts it aside and claims that he will correct his plan with his own hands. This excites Yamamoto who finally reveales his Vongola Gear, Necklace of Rain Version X. After Yamamoto reveales his two sword-style Vongola Gear, Demon strikes at him, which blocked easily by Yamamoto. However, Demon tells him that if he was him, he wouldn't focus only on what in front of him and as he says this, a claw comes through ground behind Yamamoto but is blocked by Kaoru who wanted to pay back his debt. As the battle began, Yamamoto is able to briefly injured Demon with his new technique, twelfth form Udachi, Kirisame. However, Chrome then interferes and states that she wouldn't let him pass until Demon told her to step down. Before Chrome and Demon leave, Yamamoto handed Chrome her Ore of Mist as he said that they will always waiting for her.

Aftermath Edit

Both Kaoru Mizuno, and Adelheid Suzuki were taken away by the Vindice and imprisoned in the Vindice Prison.

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