Visone Tempesta is a Storm-attribute Animal-type Box Weapon possessed by Belphegor.

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The Visone Tempesta is modeled after the Mink, an animal that belongs to the weasel family. It resembles Belphegor in both looks and attitude, having the same smile and eye-concealing bangs, and Belphegor's trademark laugh. Its tail and ears are fully-covered in Storm Flames.

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It can produce Storm Flames through frictional heat when it rubs objects against its body.

  • Chuckling (ホクホク, Hokuhoku?)
  • Licking (ペロペロ, Peropero?)
  • Snuggling (ヌクヌク, Nukunuku?)
  • Tail Whirlwind:[1][2] (尻尾旋風, Shippo Senpū?) Mink creates a shield of Dying Will Flames by concentrating Storm Flames on its tail and then quickly spinning it. The Storm Flame's Disintegration characteristic negates the incoming damage.
  • Fiamma Scarlatta:[3][4] (紅蓮の炎(フィアンマ・スカルラッタ), Guren no honō (Fianma Sukaruratta)?) Mink creates a large-scale Storm Flame wave that can wipe out enemies with the Storm Flame's Disintegration characteristic. This attack was seen instantly wiping out around 30 Millefiore Famiglia soldiers.

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