Template:Fight Infobox Versus Momokyokai Yakuza is a battle fought between the Momokyokai Yakuza, a yakuza running in Japan, and Vongola Decimo, his Storm and Rain Guardians, and Chiavarone Decimo.


Dino wanted to test Yamamoto and Gokudera's loyalty towards Tsuna; thus, he disguised himself and "kidnapped" Tsuna in a red car, Reborn informing Yamamoto and Ryohei that the Momokyokai Yakuza had kidnapped him. Yamamoto and Gokudera run after the car, but after they leave, Dino reappears with the "kidnapped" Tsuna, telling him that he hadn't met people that were so thoughtful towards their boss, and that the Momokyokai Yakuza was fake. However, Reborn informs them that the Momokyokai Yakuza is a real existing yakuza, causing Dino, Tsuna, and a hidden Reborn to run after them.


When Tsuna and Dino arrive at the yakuza's office, Yamamoto and Gokudera had already beaten all of the members up asking where Tsuna was, much to the latter and Dino's surprise. However, stronger-looking men arrived, Dino attempting to negotiate, but failing. Dino then attacks with his bullwhip, but ends up hitting everyone on their side except Tsuna. Reborn, hidden, shoots Tsuna with the Dying Will Bullet once in his head and once for each of Tsuna's hands. Tsuna proceeds to beat many members up in Dying Will Mode, Yamamoto and Gokudera helping, and, upon the Chiavarone Famiglia members' arrival, Dino defeats all of the members, the members commenting that he suddenly became strong.


Dino, at Tsuna's house, smiles happily and informs Yamamoto and Gokudera that he was impressed, and could leave Tsuna's well-being to them. However, as Dino leaves, he falls down the stairs, as his Famiglia members weren't nearby.


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