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Daemon arrives from the Vendicare Prison after possessing Mukuro's body. When Tsuna and the others are about to attack, Chrome stops them from doing so, since it would damage Mukuro's body; however, Mukuro states that if they don't fight with everything they have, they would lose everything. Convinced, Tsuna and the others assume their battle position.


Kyoya Hibari vs Daemon Spade

As the battle begins, Daemon sent Gokudera, Yamamoto, Lambo, and Julie to his illusionary universes, leaving Tsuna, Enma, Chrome, and Hibari (aside from Reborn and Mukuro in owl form) to fight him. Hibari challenges Daemon to a one-on-one battle and tells Tsuna and the others to stay away. Tsuna hesitates but Reborn convinces him that Hibari has let Tsuna fought Enma while he's watching. Daemon is amused by this and comments that Hibari is just like Alaude. Hibari directly attacks Daemon but Daemon uses Koyo's Forest Flame to counter it and then uses P.Shitt's Swamp Flame to suck Hibari into a swamp by using the Simon Guardians Rings that he stole from Vendicare Prison. However, Hibari manages to get away and once again attacks Daemon, but his attacks are block by Daemon who's using the same Cloud Vongola Gear as Hibari did, surprising everyone present.

Daemon reveals that he could also use Roll and Reverse Needle Sphere as Hibari does. Making the others wonder how, to which Daemon answers it's because it was his attribute, but Mukuro counters and answers it's Mist. He reveals the same Earrings of the Mist that Chrome possesses, leaving Reborn to come to the conclusion that the Vongola Gears are illusions. Knowing it's fake, Hibari confidently attacks again and seemingly gains the advantage as he continues his barrage on Daemon. But Daemon turns out to be using the Sun Vongola Gear and uses Maximum Sunshine Counter on Hibari. Hibari was able to dodge, but Daemon revealed that he missed Hibari on purpose and traps Hibari into his illusionary world.

Tsuna turns into Hyper Dying Will Mode and flies straight to Daemon who uses Storm and Lightning Vongola Gears to attacks, catching Tsuna within explosion. But then Enma enters the battle as he says to Tsuna to beat Daemon together.

Tsunayoshi Sawada & Enma Kozato vs Daemon Spade

Gravita della Terra

Enma using Gravita Della Terra to suck Blizzaroids

After Daemon reveals the truth behind the Flood of Blood incident, Tsuna and Enma fly to Daemon out of rage as Daemon uses Rain Vongola Gear to attacks. Tsuna and Enma manage to dodge the attack. Daemon then summons Blizzaroids to hinder them but Enma unleashes his Gravita Della Terra to suck up the Blizzaroids with its Gravity. Tsuna commands Natsu to Cambio Forma and uses X-Cannon on Daemon. Daemon dodges the shots but with Enma's Gravity, the blasts turn around and hits Daemon. However, Daemon survives by using Sistema C.A.I and decides to get serious. He activate all Vongola Gears and Simon Rings, enabling him to use all Six Flames of the Sky and Six Flames of the Earth in addition to multiplying himself into six. The six Daemons attack both Tsuna and Enma, separating them to prevent them from coordinating their attacks.When Tsuna lands a kicks on one of the Daemons, that Daemon turned into illusions. Mukuro explains that Daemon has masterfully woven his illusions into the fight and that only highly skilled illusionists can see through such advanced techniques. Chrome intends to assist Tsu
Daemon shot with Tsuna's XX Burner

Tsuna blasts full power XX-Burner

na and Enma but another two Daemons stop her and threathens to kill them if they interfere.

As the battle continues, Tsuna is able to inflict damage to one of the Daemons, but the damage is reduced to 1/6 of the original power unless he could attack all of them at once. Hearing this, Enma sucks all six Daemon with his black holes and gathers them around him as he tells Tsuna to incinerate Daemon and himself with all of his Flames. Tsuna refuses to kill Enma along with Daemon as he's terrified of sacrificing a dear friend for victory, until Chrome jumps to Enma's side and creates a Mist Barrier supported by Mukuro to protect Enma from Tsuna's attack. Convinced that Enma will be safe from his attack, Tsuna blasts his XX-Burner at full power toward Daemon.

Tsunayoshi Sawada vs Daemon Spade

Oath Flames

Flame of Oath

It turns out, Daemon was able to survive from the devastating XX-Burner and retaliates by crushing Tsuna's entire bones. Reborn intends to help him but the Vindice prevent him from doing so because there's a hidden reason for them to stop him, an act that deeply angered Reborn. While Tsuna lies on the ground helplessly, Daemon prepares to deliver the finishing blow when all of a sudden Enma's Simon Ring flies off and combines with Tsuna's Vongola Ring, giving Tsuna a new power to fight. The combined rings ignite the Flame of Oath that heals Tsuna's shattered bones with the Earth Flame's Gravity coating. The Vindice reveal that the rings are also left by Giotto and Cozart, thus, revealing the Seventh and last Key of Giotto and Cozart's memories. After the last key was shown, Tsuna immediately overpowers Daemon and critically injures him with X-Burner. Refusing to lose, Daemon claims that he will use his trump card. Tsuna comments that he's pitiful because his trump card will be the Eighth Element Flame that he would use to run away. Daemon reveals it's true and mentions about the Eight attribute, making the Vindice tells him to shut up or they will interfere. Daemon opens the portal but Tsuna stops him with Earth Flame's Gravity Manipulation.
Deamon's Treasure

Photograph inside Daemon's pocketwatch

Tsuna takes his stance and is about to finish Daemon with his X-Burner, but then changes his mind and tells Daemon to surrender and atone for his sins, angering Daemon even further.

In a moment of desperation, Daemon decides against using his trump card and surrounds himself with the Eighth Element Flames, choosing to face Tsuna head-on using all of his flames. Both Tsuna and Daemon prepare for the ultimate clash that determines the fate of this battle. In the middle of it, however, Daemon abandons Mukuro's body, causing a distraction that allows him to escape using the Eighth Flame portal. However, the Vindice destroys the portal stating that only ones with a physical body could use the Eighth attribute, thus leaving Daemon defenseless and giving Tsuna the opportunity to finish him.

Tsuna blasts his X-Burner one last time at Daemon's soul, directly hitting him. As Daemon's soul stumbles onto the ground, something fell from Daemon's body, which turns out to be a pocketwatch and Daemon's treasure. Tsuna picks the pocketwatch and sees an old photograph of the first generation Guardians with a woman beside Daemon.



Daemon dies

Tsuna reveals what's inside the pocketwatch and Reborn wonders who's the woman next to Daemon since he never seen her before. Daemon, who's dying, answers that the woman is Elena, his lover. Daemon reveals his past with her and they worked together with the Vongola to protect the weak.However, when Giotto disbanded his military forces, their territory was left vulnerable to an enemy attack that led to Elena's death. Before she dies in his arms, Daemon promises Elena to protect the weak with the Vongola. which triggered him to swore to make the Vongola the strongest Mafia Famiglia.

After hearing his story, Tsuna wonders if Elena truly loved the Vongola that way, angering Daemon who then questions if Tsuna understands Elena's feelings. Seeing Daemon's condition, Tsuna replies that he understands because of his Hyper Intuition and says that Elena feels grateful towards him and she would say thank you while he showed his pocketwatch. As Daemon looks at the pocketwatch, he tearfully pleads for Elena's forgiveness for failing to save her back then. Daemon starts to fades away quicker, at this time Reborn tells Daemon that he had lived far too long and now he can relax and go back to Elena's side. Reborn convinces him that he could leave the Vongola to Tsuna since Tsuna's not so weak that he would need to worry. Daemon finally accepts Tsuna and his Guardians, leaving the Vongola in their hands as he dies, finally finding peace.

The trapped Guardians in Daemon's illusions and the imprisoned Simon Guardians along with Ryohei are freed and reunited with everyone, as each one of them reconciles. Meanwhile, Mukuro returns to his own body; however, they are then interrupted by the Vindice, who have one last thing to tell them.


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