The curse of the rainbow arc
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Versus Big Pino & Small Gia is the second battle that occurred during the fourth day of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow. The battle happened between the Allied Team members Tsunayoshi Sawada, Enma Kozato, Basil, Hayato Gokudera, Takeshi Yamamoto, Chrome Dokuro, and Fran and the Team Bermuda members Big Pino and Small Gia.

Prelude Edit

Big Pino and Small Gia originally go after the Team Verde members, which turn out to be decoy puppets. Illusions suddenly appear to fight Big Pino and Small Gia, keeping them in place.

Synopsis Edit

Big Pino and Small Gia are able to pinpoint the location where Gokudera, Yamamoto, Chrome, and Fran were hiding. After doing so, they destroy the Illusions, Gokudera's Sistema C.A.I., and Yamamoto's Shigure Kintoki. Big Pino launches another Flame projectile at the Allied Team members, but Enma appears and saves the four of them with his Gravity Manipulation. Excited by the arrival of Tsuna, Enma, and Basil, Big Pino takes off his coat and reveals that he has more weapons. Small Gia brings out new weapons as well. Small Gia dashes forward, but Enma stops him with his Gauntlet. Small Gia uses his weapons to create an explosion, causing Enma to lose control. Small Gia ambushes Tsuna, who protects Basil and himself with a Flame barrier. However, Small Gia's weapon breaks the barrier and drags Basil out of it. As Basil escapes the grasp of Small Gia's weapon, Big Pino fires his cannon, hitting Basil and destroying his wristwatch. Enraged, Tsuna attacks Small Gia, but the latter uses a flash that temporarily blinds Tsuna and Enma.

Yamamoto clashes with Small Gia and Gokudera hits Big Pino with a Dynamite barrage. With help from Enma and an Air Bomb, Gokudera is able to wrap himself around Big Pino's arm. Yamamoto reveals to Small Gia that he has some of Gokudera's dynamite sticks. Enma quickly uses his powers to immobilize the two Vindice. Gokudera signals Chrome, and she helps Fran use the Reality Illusion Gloves to cover Gokudera and Yamamoto's entire bodies with ceramic material. Gokudera's dynamite sticks explode, destroying the Vindice members' wristwatches without harming Gokudera and Yamamoto.

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