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Versus Bermuda is the fourth battle that occurred during the fourth day of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow, and also the last. The battle happened between the Allied Team member Tsunayoshi Sawada and Team Reborn namesake Reborn and the Team Bermuda namesake Bermuda von Veckenschtein.

Prelude[edit | edit source]

Tsunayoshi Sawada and some other elite members of the Allied Team take down Jaeger with much difficulty. Before Tsuna can finish him off, however, Bermuda releases his cursed form and prepares to battle.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Bermuda destroys the watches simultaneously, revealing his ability to short warp infinitely. His motive is to prevent Tsuna from receiving help from the others. Fon comments that Bermuda is nothing like Jaeger. Reborn asks Tsuna if he can get a read on Bermuda's movement but Tsuna replies in the negative. Due to his hyper intuition, Tsuna is able to dodge a few of Bermuda's attacks. However, he still gets hit ultimately. Just as Bermuda is about to deliver the finishing blow, a shot is fired by Reborn, who is now in his uncursed form as well. However, Tsuna still does not recognize him and Reborn introduces himself as an old friend of Reborn. Reborn says that Checker Face has allowed him to join the team, which proves to be untrue, as Wonomichi says that he has not received such information. Besides Verde, there stands an artificial puppet of Reborn.

Bermuda and Reborn commence battling but Reborn dodges all of his attack with ease. Colonnello comments that it is impossible to avoid getting hit with Reborn's reflexes. Verde questions if Reborn achieved it by reading Bermuda's movement, which Fon affirms, stating that it is the secret which made Reborn the best hitman. However, Bermuda finds a way around it and his attacks are starting to hit their target. Bermuda tells Reborn that his interference is meaningless. However, Reborn reveals that his purpose is to shot just one bullet. After saying "Come die in an instant," Reborn fires at Bermuda but the latter dodges. Tsuna seem to have caught onto something, recalling the past from Reborn's word. The bullet makes a turn, surprising Bermuda. It hits Tsuna just as he realizes that the bullet is the dying will bullet.

The bullet finds its mark and Tsuna gets knock backwards by its force. Bermuda realizes that it is the dying will bullet and concludes that Tsuna must be alive. He flies towards Tsuna and attempts to stab him. However, Tsuna's hand emerges from of his chest and stops the attack. Shocked, Bermuda flies back while Tsuna stands back up. Tsuna is reborn and declares that he will defeat Bermuda with his dying will. He removes his gloves, surprising Bermuda and everyone else. Reborn mentally comments that weapons are not needed because Tsuna just have to believe in himself. He thinks to himself that Tsuna has finally understood the ultimate dying will because he had saw it in Tsuna's flame yesterday.

Flames engulf Tsuna's entire body and he tells Bermuda that he is ready to die in order to defeat him. Bermuda recognizes Tsuna's mental state as the last stage of the dying will. Tsuna questions if he is in the same state as Bermuda when he created the Flame of Night, which Bermuda affirms. Bermuda recalls that when he was lost in despair, he had become an epitome of vengeance towards Checker Face. He further explains the Flame of Night was born when pure dying will without the slightest hint of hesitation had consumed his body. However, Tsuna begs to differ and thinks that his dying will originates from hope. Bermuda shouts that it is nonsense and appears behind Tsuna. Before he can land a blow, Tsuna punches him. In disbelief, Bermuda attempts the same move, but the result remains unchanged. Tsuna explains that it is possible because he is using his dying will. Bermuda unleashes a barrage of attacks on Tsuna, which he does all. Jaeger is dumbfounded and comments that Tsuna is blocking all the attacks.

Tsuna hits Bermuda.

Frustrated, Bermuda prepares to use his 100% lethal final technique, the Speed of Light Warp Hole.

Bermuda reveals that using his technique, he can reach the speed of light if he passes through the multiple warp holes and increases his speed. He creates another warp hole on top of Tsuna and charges downward, aiming to crush. However, his attack fails as Tsuna managed to swiftly dodge and land a Flame-Enhanced Punch on him. From the punch, Bermuda realizes that Tsuna had no desire to kill him and knows that he was completely defeated. Jaeger is enraged, but before he can interfere, Tsuna shatters his watch, eliminating him and by proxy the entire Team Bermuda from the battle. The other teams look on as Bermuda finally falls to the ground, subdued.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Wonomichi then appears and cheerfully announces that Team Reborn was the winner of Representative Battle of the Rainbow. Checker Face appears as well and reveals his actual identity as Kawahira. He explains the history of the Arcobaleno and prepares to create the next generation of Arcobaleno, but then Talbot interferes and introduces the Pacifier Jar, which can replace the Arcobaleno. The process is successful and the Arcobaleno's curses are removed, but all the arcobaleno, except Lal Mirch, remain as babies, as they now are able to age naturally.

  • Lal Mirch returns to her adult self form and will continue to age. The reason for it is because of the fact that she was only half-cursed.

Navigation[edit | edit source]

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