Verde and Mukuro is the 354th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Tsuna expresses his surprise at Mukuro Rokudo and Verde's partnership, with the aforementioned two insulting each other despite their partnership. Mukuro, however, states that they are working together for a common goal; he wants to defeat Tsuna and destroy the Vongola Famiglia, while Verde wants to "defeat Reborn so badly that he won't even have it in him to whimper". After a slightly awkward pause, Mukuro and his gang then begin to take their leave, but Tsuna interrupts and asks Mukuro what he is going to do with Chrome Dokuro. Mukuro replies that he detests the current Chrome, and tells Tsuna to take good care of her. Verde also tells Tsuna that he doesn't have time to be worrying about other people, stating that close friends would unexpectedly turn into his enemies.

At the CEDEF headquarters, Oregano confirms with Lal Mirch that she is going to fight for Colonnello. Basil also adds that he wants to go to Japan to fight Tsuna. With Colonnello, however, the aforementioned person informs Iemitsu that he is fighting so Lal Mirch's curse can be dispelled. Iemitsu then reveals that "that man" who's been watching over the Vongola has gone rogue, and that he could possibly be involved with the Arcobaleno fight.

Meanwhile, at the Giglio Nero Famiglia's base, a mysterious figure identifies Gamma, Tazaru, and Nosaru. The three people mentioned gape in awe as Aria's Orange Arcobaleno Pacifier suddenly emits powerful Sky Flames. A male figure then appears and states that it is because the Sky Pacifier has found a new owner, the figure revealing himself to be Byakuran alongside the Six Funeral Wreaths (except Ghost), shocking Gamma, Tazaru, and Nosaru. Gamma questions why they've come, but Byakuran reassures them, stating that they are going to work together to dispel the curse of the rainbow from an Arcobaleno. Gamma voices his disapproval and skepticism, but before he can protest further, the Sky Pacifier then glows even brighter, with a figure appearing from the forest and clutching the Pacifier as it falls. As the figure is revealed to be Uni from ten years in the future, Gamma, Nosaru, and Tazaru gape in shock.

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