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Character Outline

Verde before and after he turned into an Arcobaleno

Verde is the holder of the Green Pacifier. His Animal Partner appears to be a crocodile or alligator. Verde was briefly mentioned by Reborn as the person who sent assassins to kill Tsuna. Apparently, Verde has knowledge about camouflage and invisibility, so he gave his subordinates suits that can make them invisible to everyone but children. Verde believed that he should be able to see his subordinates in case they ever try to sneak up on him to try to kill him. [1] Verde is also one of the three scientists who developed the Box Weapons in the Future,[2] where he is said to be dead. He doesn't seem to care about anything except his experiments, even going as far as to destroy anyone who would resist, including the other Arcobaleno. In the anime, Verde was said to break the "pact", which might be explained later in the manga. In Chapter 276 Verde and the rest of the Arcobaleno are brought back to life from their Pacifiers when Uni is brought towards Byakuran and Tsuna. In Chapter 281 Verde and the rest of the Arcobaleno are fully revived erasing all the damage in the Future. Verde engages Irie in conversation about exactly how humans can comprehend the calculations for such a phenomenon.

Plot Overview

Arcobaleno Trials Arc

During the Trials, Verde is often behind the scenes having people test out Box Weapons for him. First he had Viper test them during his Trial, then he sent out hitmen to attack Tsuna and Aria during her Trial. During the Arcobaleno meeting, Verde is busy with testing out Box Weapons in a simulation against the other Arcobaleno and is the only one not present. He decides to take the Vongola Rings for himself to continue his work and sends out several Box Weapons, along with other inventions, to attack the Vongola Guardians. When Reborn questions if this is his Trial, Verde merely responds by saying he is only after the Rings and doesn't care about the Arcobaleno pact which lead Reborn, Colonello, and Lal Mirch to enter the fight, as he had broken the Arcobaleno pact. Eventually all of the Arcobaleno show up during the battle, to Verde's expectation, as he uses something similiar to the Non-7³ Policy to completely weaken them and holds them hostage for the Vongola Rings.

Elettrico Thunder

After being refused, Verde sends out Lightning Starfish Box Weapons to collect data on the Dying Will Flames of Tsuna, Yamamoto, Gokudera, and Hibari. Verde absorbs the Flames to where he believes to be their maximum potential and releases four Box Weapons with each of their Flames. At first, Verde seemed to have an advantage, but they use their resolution to fight the Box Weapons. Tsuna headed towards the device emiting Non-7³ waves and destroys it, leading Verde to destroy the Pawn Missles holding the Arcobaleno, though Verde's efforts fail as the Arcobaleno were hidden in Viper's Illusion.

Verde Giving Tsuna his 6th Seal

After the Box Weapons are destroyed, Verde tries to attack them with his Lightning Flames that hurt and paralyze everyone except for Lambo, who gets mad and tosses grenades all over the ship. Tsuna ends the battle by using X-Burner: Air only to realize that he had only destroyed a robot, used by Verde as a decoy. The real Verde was found hiding on a bumpy rock island. Despite not obtaining the Vongola Rings, he had obtained valuable data to complete his Box Weapons. Verde gives Tsuna his seal for finishing his Trial of Intuition, which was cleared when Tsuna found where he was hiding. He escapes while activating a self-destruct on the island.

Inheritance Succession Arc

Verde and the rest of the Arcobaleno are called by Reborn to train Tsuna and the others. He has yet to appear; however, it is presumed that he will be tasked with training Lambo, as the two share the same Flame. During Lambo's test, he once again showed his unwillingness to help and instead performed tests on Lambo as he was interested in how Lambo was able to endure so much electrical shock, stating that he had shocked Lambo with enough electricity to "power the entire town" and that he was merely fueling his ambition. Later, he also sent robots after Lambo to try and harness that Ability, but was defeated by Tsuna's Guardians and the Arcobaleno present, as well as I-Pin.

Choice Arc

After being revived by Uni along with the rest of the Arcobaleno, Verde quickly showed his intellect, by explaining that the re-writing of the dimensions by sealing the Mare Rings in the past was "a miracle" to Shoichi Irie. Tsuna commented that he talked way too old for how he looked. He later assisted in returning Tsuna and his Guardians to the Past, at the same time tranforming their Vongola Box Weapons into Vongola Box Rings, explaining that he would not betray them, as he had a debt to repay to Uni. After sealing the Mare Rings in the Past with the other Arcobaleno, he returned to the Future to find the Future Vongola.


  • Verde means Green in Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese.
  • In the Reborn! Fandom, he is referred to as Ver.
  • He is interested in Lambo's Electrico Cornata.
  • He, along with Innocenti and Koenig made the Box Weapons and sold them to the Mafia Families for incredibly low prices.
  • His special Attack is Elettrico Thunder.
  • Tsuna mentions that Verde talks way too old for his age.


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