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Verde is the holder of the Lightning Arcobaleno Pacifier, and his animal partner appears to be a crocodile or alligator named Cayman. Verde was briefly mentioned by Reborn as the person who sent assassins to kill Tsuna. Apparently, Verde has knowledge about camouflage and invisibility, so he gave his subordinates Optical Camouflage suits that are able to make them invisible to everyone but children. Verde believed that he should be able to see his subordinates in case they ever tried to sneak up on him in an attempt to kill him. Verde is also one of the three scientists who developed the Box Weapons in the Future, where he is said to be dead.

In the anime during the Arcobaleno Trials Arc, Verde was said to break the Arcobaleno "pact" after he immobilized the other Arcobaleno (including Lal Mirch), which states that the Arcobaleno cannot attack each other; otherwise, all the other Arcobaleno are given permission to attack back, causing internal strife among the Arcobaleno.

Character outline[]


Being a dedicated scientist, Verde doesn't seem to care about anything except his experiments. Once he set his mind on something that can be used for his research, Verde would do whatever it takes to get it even going as far as to destroy anyone who would resist, including the other Arcobaleno. He also dismisses the notion of curse as it's illogical, though later is forced to accept it. Unlike most Arcobaleno, Verde doesn't care about being cursed into a baby since all that matters is that he can continue his research. Despite his many negative qualities, he will repay debts that he owes.


He is a bespectacled man with spiky green hair and purple eyes. Like Doctor Shamal, Verde always wears a long, white lab coat.

Weapons and abilities[]


Green Mosca

  • Green Arcobaleno Pacifier: As one of the "I Prescelti Sette" Verde possesses an Arcobaleno Pacifier.
  • Lightning Starfish: A Lightning Box Weapon prototype used by Verde that is coated in Lightning Flames both when attacking by spinning horizontally as well as when not.
  • Decoy Puppet: Verde along with Shoichi Irie and Spanner made a construct comprised of a machine with a speaker capable of imitating a person's voice and heartbeat as well as a lantern capable of being lit by the Dying Will Flame of a person and an outer shell identical to the person the puppet is intended to replace.
  • Green Mosca: Created by Verde, using the latest Moska frame built by Spanner and adding his cutting-edge military technology created this super robot. Verde needed to release his curse to use it because the Moska require a lot of flame energy to work. The Green Moska is equipped with a heat sensor to locate the enemy even if they can warp. Its main weapon is a laser called Sonic Laser. It has a retractable arm called Quick Arm and can use a powerful technique using the Flames of the Sky called Solid State Attribute Flame Blast.


Elettrico Thunder

  • Electrico Thunder: His special attack is called Electrico Thunder which calls down powerful paralyzing Lightning, but it didn't affect Lambo who has a special body that is immune to Lightning.
  • Sonic Laser: From the Green Moska Verde emits a laser of lightning flames.
  • Solid State Attribute Flame Blast: Using the Green Moska Verde releases a powerful technique using the Flames of the Sky that creates an explosive blast.

Notable inventions[]

  • Optical Camouflage: A suit that allows the user to camouflage themself. Since Verde was afraid his subordinates would eventually try and betray him, he made it so that only people under a certain age could see people camouflaged by it.
  • Box Weapons: Verde along with Koenig and Innocenti solved the technical issues in Lorenzini's Box Animal designs and produced a prototype. Later they successfully perfected and manufactured the 343 Box Animals designed by Lorenzini and also researched and developed new types of Boxes.
  • Animal Ring: Rings that contain the future Vongola Boxes' Box Animals, as they couldn't be brought back to the past
  • Reality Illusion Gloves: A pair of gloves that can turn illusions into actual, solid things. However, the illusion will slowly start to disappear and will fully disintegrate after a day.


  • He is interested in Lambo's Elettrico Cornata.
  • He, along with Innocenti and Koenig, made the Box Weapons and sold them to the Mafia Famiglias for incredibly low prices, which however ultimately resulted in their demise.
  • Verde's name is the Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Romanian word for "green," which is also the color of his Arcobaleno Pacifier and hair.