The European Vendicare Prison

The Vendicare Prison is a penitentiary that is reserved for the Mafia's most dangerous criminals and has a reputation for being inescapable; yet, Mukuro Rokudo and a number of other people led by him, and Daemon Spade managed this feat.

The Vendicare Water Prison, located in Europe, suspends those contained in the lowest sections of the prison in water, making the contained person completely immobile; as such, all their muscle mass is removed and it is said that no sound nor light can ever reach those who are imprisoned here. This is possibly to prevent escape. However, Mukuro has shown the ability to use Illusions even inside his cell, and Daemon Spade was able to escape when he possessed Mukuro's body.

Although the prisoners are doomed to live the rest of their lives in this dreadful prison, if their allies can make the right kind of deal, it is possible that their release can be negotiated.

Vindice Edit

The Vendice

Three Vindice guards

They are the cloaked former Arcobaleno who uphold the laws of the Mafia world. So far, the only named Vindice are Jager, Bermuda von Veckenschtein, Jack, ​Alejandro, Small Gia and Big Pino.

Trivia Edit

  • Vindice means "avenger," while vendicare means "avenge."
  • Even Byakuran was unwilling to go against the Vindice to release Ghost, instead sending Iris to negotiate Ghost's release, a testament to their fearful reputation.
  • This prison is also called "Iron Wall," as told by Levi.
  • In Drama CD: Mukuro ~Beyond the Darkness~, Vendicare Prison is revealed to be provided with security cameras both inside and outside prison cells and alarms that alert the Vindice to escaping prisoners, just like ordinary prisons.

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