Varia vs. Vongola Decimo & Guardians is a battle in a bath taking place between the Vongola Famiglia's elite assassination squad, the Varia (except for Viper), against the Vongola Decimo & his Guardians (except for Mukuro Rokudo and Lambo), the people slated to take over the Vongola Famiglia after the Vongola Nono & his Guardians

Prelude[edit | edit source]

Tsuna and his Guardians arrive in the "Vongola Hotel's" bath, where they find the Varia, and begin to fight.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Superbia Squalo announces the battle to be "Varia vs. Trash". Squalo throws a bucket of water at Tsuna, and Tsuna is knocked into the water. Gokudera, Yamamoto, and Ryohei clash with the Varia members with their water buckets as well. Xanxus, irritated, comments that it was hot, and Levi A Than rushes to cool Xanxus off; however, he is hit in the back by water. Levi A Than retaliates with a blast of his own, but finds himself facing Hibari, who angrily states that those who made a ruckus in the bath would be bitten to death, promptly sending Levi A Than flying. Tsuna expresses his great surprise that Hibari was present, and wonders when Hibari came along with them.

Bath Version

Meanwhile, Squalo uses Scontro di Squalo: Bath Version, sending water from the bath flying everywhere. Hibari, however, rotates his tonfas and sends water to clash with Squalo's attack. Futa and Lambo hide nearby, Futa commenting that a relaxing time in the bath turned into something terrible. Lambo climbs to the girls' bath, despite Futa telling Lambo to be a man and stay.

Mini Gokudera

As Lambo is about to cross into the girls' bath, a blast of water hits him and Lambo is sent flying into Gokudera's head. Lambo, crying, takes out his Ten Year Bazooka, but accidentally shoots Gokudera, who is reverted into a baby form with his present adult mind.

TYL Guardians

Suddenly, the bazooka malfunctions and hits Gokudera, Yamamoto, and Ryohei, switching themselves with their future selves. The ten year later forms of the Guardians express their surprise at their location, but Lussuria suddenly attacks Tsuna. Future Gokudera, however, blocks the attack with Sistema C.A.I. and determinedly states to Lussuria that he wouldn't allow him to harm Tsuna. Future Yamamoto comments that Gokudera got feisty, and uses the Shigure Soen Ryu's eighth stance bath version, Shinotsuku Nettou. Future Ryohei charges and uses Maximum Ingram: Bath Version, hitting Squalo and Belphegor.

Frozen with First Edition

However, the Varia is hit by the Ten Year Bazooka and switches places with their future selves. Tsuna, seeing no other option, goes into Hyper Dying Will Mode and uses Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition to freeze everyone in the bath, himself included.

Interlude[edit | edit source]

Reborn comments to the Vongola Box Weapons in the hot spring that their "neighbors" had finally calmed down, and that they should take their time to get rid of their stress.

Talent Show Battle[edit | edit source]

Note: All Varia members stated below are their future selves
Tsuna and his Guardians are freed from the ice and head to eat dinner; however, they find the adult Varia members waiting for them, ready to fight, staying in their adult forms because of the Ten Year Bazooka's glitch. Reborn announces that the dinner conflict between Varia and Tsuna's Guardians would start, where the winners would get to eat the food. Haru, Kyoko, Futa, and Giannini cheer Tsuna's side on.

Squalo wonders where Fran is, but Lussuria answers that he wasn't with them ten years ago, so he wouldn't partake in the event. Belphegor adds that Fran wouldn't participate, anyway. Squalo then announces that he would start, and thrusts his sword towards Gokudera; however, he suddenly lifts it up and a spinning top comes to the edge of the blade; Haru and Kyoko applaud the action. Tsuna realizes that they were going to partake in a talent show.

Gokudera rises and tells Uri to jump through a hula hoop; however, Uri simply jumps up and scratches up Gokudera's face. Reborn announces Gokudera as the winner, much to Squalo's anger, asking why. Reborn answers that the talents should make the audience laugh.

Belphegor's swan

Reborn announces the second round to be Belphegor versus Ryohei. Belphegor carves a swan out of ice, Ryohei trying to combat it by doing 1000 push-ups; Reborn interrupts and announces Belphegor as the winner.

Reborn announces the third round as Yamamoto versus Lussuria. Yamamoto balances his sword on his head and twirls around, stating that he often did so in baseball training, just with a baseball bat. Lussuria scoffs and takes off his sunglasses. Reborn announces Yamamoto as the winner.

OVA Lambo Sleeping.png
OVA All in Vain.png

Reborn announces the fourth round as Lambo versus Levi A Than. Reborn, as a result, automatically gives the round's victory to Levi A Than, who had already prepared many different things to perform for nothing.

Reborn announces the final match as Xanxus versus Tsuna. Xanxus states to Tsuna that he would win indefinitely, but Tsuna tries to calm him down, stating that it was just a casual competition. Levi A Than, meanwhile, endures with a candle strapped to his forehead. Xanxus angrily gets up and holds his hands as if holding guns; however, Xanxus doesn't have the guns, and Squalo covers him up with a curtain, telling everyone to forget about what happened. Tsuna wonders where they got the curtain.

Reborn announces that Xanxus was disqualified, and that the score was 3:2 in Tsuna's team's favor.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Tsuna and his Guardians express their happiness at finally being able to eat dinner; however, they find that the Vongola Box Weapons had given it all to Hibari.

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