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The Varia Arc (VSヴァリアー編, Bāsasu Variā-hen?)[1] details Tsuna and his Guardians fighting for the ownership of the Vongola Rings, which are used to prove the true successors to the Vongola Famiglia. This arc also contains information about the Varia, titles for each Guardian and their meanings, individual growth/development, and shows Tsuna and his Guardians growing stronger as they gain experience in combat and vigorous training.

Plot Overview[]


Superbia Squalo, a member of the Varia, and Basil, an apprentice of the separate Vongola organization CEDEF, are fighting on a rooftop. As Squalo fights Basil into a corner, the latter nearly drops off the roof, and Basil reveals that he's trying to get to Tsuna. Meanwhile, Tsuna and his friends are out at the mall trying to enjoy the day. Suddenly, Basil and Squalo appear fighting and Kyoko and Haru flee with I-Pin and Lambo, leaving Takeshi, Gokudera, and Tsuna to fight. Squalo, after incapacitating Basil, takes Yamamoto and Gokudera on, easily defeating both of them with little effort on his part. Tsuna, in Dying Will Mode, fights him but is also easily bested. Basil pulls Tsuna to safety and gives him the Half Vongola Rings, but Squalo again appears and defeats Basil. Before he can fight Tsuna, Dino arrives and stops him. Squalo, yielding, nabs the Half Vongola Rings and leaves. Yamamoto and Gokudera recover, but Reborn lays down the harsh truth that they were too weak to help and leads Tsuna away.

Vongola Rings[]

The Vongola Rings

Tsuna's father returns. At the hospital, where Basil is resting, Tsuna learns that Squalo took the fake Half Vongola Rings, and that Dino has the genuine ones. Tsuna panics and leaves. The next day, he wakes up and is wearing the Vongola Half Sky Ring around his neck. Tsuna freaks out, thinking that Reborn did it, but really it was his dad. Xanxus finds out that the rings are fake, and the Varia sets out for Japan. Tsuna meets Yamamoto, Gokudera, Reborn, and Dino, the former two also have Vongola Rings (of Rain and Storm respectively). Reborn explains to Tsuna that there are six rings other than his, 7 in total, given to the future Boss and the six most aptly able to protect him. Tsuna and Yamamoto are originally in the majority against Gokudera of giving the rings back, but when Tsuna mentions that Squalo will come back, they immediately side against him and leave to train since they are unable to accept their defeat.


Ryohei suddenly bursts through the door, Reborn reveals that he received the Sun Ring, and then Colonnello comes as well. They leave to train. Dino is tutoring Hibari and Colonnello is tutoring Ryohei. Yamamoto's dad is training him. Shamal will eventually come to train Gokudera, and Tsuna is being trained by Reborn. Ryohei is the first to complete his training, quickly mastering his strongest attack, the Maximum Cannon. Gokudera has the most difficulty while training as Shamal gives little to no help, deciding he will train himself to learn how to use Rocket Bombs. Yamamoto's dad shows him the Shigure Soen Ryu techniques once as the only way to truly master them is to see it once, leaving Yamamoto to train. Tsuna trains with Reborn and Basil to master Hyper Dying Will Mode and Zero Point Breakthrough.

The Ring Conflicts[]

The Varia arrive at Namimori sooner than expected and soon Tsuna's allies and the Varia confront. The next day, it is revealed that they would go to Namimori High for the Battles to begin. With this, the battles begins with the Cervello judging.


As Xanxus is frozen, Squalo tells the story of the cradle affair and how Xanxus was once frozen by the ninth as he killed many members of the Vongola Family. The rest of the Varia appear, possessing all of the rings. As Xanxus puts on the Sky Ring, he started to cough up blood, a sign that the ring had rejected him. Squalo then explains the reason he was a successor was that he was adopted by the ninth. As Xanxus breaks down, he commands the Varia to attack everyone. As the rest of Tsuna's family shows up, Bel tells them that soon, all fifty members of Varia will attack them. The Cervello decide to release the spectators so that they may fight but the infrared beams had already been sabotaged. As the last remaining squad appears, Lancia, who had wiped out the rest before, beats them easily. The remaining Varia decide to run away and since Xanxus was disqualified, Tsuna was officially declared the successor.


Tsuna awakens after passing out, only to find Lancia and Reborn waiting for him. He is told to change for a party in Yamamoto's house for Lambo's discharge from the hospital (though Tsuna's Guardians believe the party is to celebrate the winning the rings). As everyone celebrates, Reborn gives Tsuna the Sky Ring, as he did for the rest of the guardians. Life returns to normal (as normal as it was before the Ring Battles anyway). Basil and Lancia leave for Italy, with Lancia leaving his Iron Ball. Before they go, Basil gives Tsuna Dying Will pills and Lancia gives Tsuna his Boss' Ring. Shortly after all of this, Reborn mysteriously disappears after he was shot with the Ten-Year Bazooka. Tsuna and his friends frantically try to find him until Tsuna unexpectedly gets shot with the Bazooka itself.



  • On the DVD release, some of the ring battles were modified a bit as to clothes being ripped and small appearances of blood.
  • In the original Japanese Complete Boxset, the arc is named "Vs Varia Arc."


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