Template:Infobox Groups and Teams The Varia are the Vongola Famiglia's elite independent assassination squad. They are genius assassins who work in the deepest recesses of the Mafia. Each member takes on missions that are said to be impossible to accomplish by humans; however, they do not accept a mission unless the chance of success is 90% or higher. Those that see them work often say that their high-level assassination skills are demonic.

Despite lacking loyalty and respect for other members, they are extremely loyal to their leader, Xanxus. As professional killers, they obey only him. The Varia also appears to have more than fifty subordinates ranged under the command of the main members. The Varia are based in Italy and apparently reclusive, only showing themselves after Iemitsu Sawada disappeared.

Members of Varia

Main Members



Xanxus is the current leader of the Varia and Vongola IX's adopted son. He was born into poverty with a single mother, who was mentally ill. His mother discovered his Dying Will Flame when he was very young and brought him to Vongola IX. When he and his mother confronted the 9th, he took Xanxus and placed his scarf around him, agreeing that he was indeed his son even though he had never seen this woman before nor her son. Xanxus has a fierce belief in the Vongola family's supremacy, and claims that even during internal conflicts, the Vongola will stand united against foreign forces. During the Varia Arc, he battles Tsuna for the Sky Vongola Ring in addition to having the position as the 10th Vongola Boss, Xanxus loses this fight. Later in the Future Arc, he remains the leader of the Varia and leads a raid against the Millefiore, taking their headquarters. He battles against one of the Fake Funeral Wreaths as well and demonstrates the strength he has gained over the past years. His Box Weapon is Ligre Tempesta Di Cielo. He represents the sin of "wrath".

Superbi Squalo


Superbi Squalo is an assassin and the second-in-command of the Varia, the Vongola Family's independent assassin squad. He is most notable for his long silver hair and is always seen wearing his Varia uniform in both the anime and the manga. He is a very loud character and has a tendency to shout "VOOOI!!!" (The Italian version of the plural "You") before saying something or while in battle. Squalo, as revealed in the Rain Ring Battle against Takeshi Yamamoto, cut off his left hand and replaced it with a mechanized sword. His reason for doing that was so he could better understand how the previous Sword Emperor, Tyr, (also the previous leader of the Varia) felt and battled as he did not have a left hand either. Squalo also seems to be quite perceptive, seeing right through Genkishi's Mist Illusions when the man tried to fake a loss. He represents "pride," one of the seven sins that the Varia embodies. His Box Weapon is Grande Squalo di Pioggia.



Lussuria wears an open Varia trench coat and has brown hair with a side portion of green hair. He has an extremely muscular build, and his favored battle style is Muay Thai. Lussuria has a metal plate over his left knee used to block physical attacks and cause his opponents to heavily damage themselves. He habitually wears dark sunglasses and his coat has a large ring of orange fur around the hood. In the Future Arc, Lussuria's appearance has changed. He now wears the new Varia uniform, sports a red Mohawk, and wears a Varia ring on his hand. It is highly likely that Lussuria has difficulty in his eyesight since he states "I can't see" without his glasses. His Box Weapon is Pavone Del Sereno. The sin he represents is "lust"— in fact Lussuria translates to lust in Italian.



Leviathan, known as 'Levi' for short, is an extremely loyal subordinate to Xanxus, so much that he only ever fights for his approval. Reborn said that once he chooses a target, whether it be a man, woman, or child, he would beat them mercilessly. He is also extremely zealous, showing up extremely (2 hours) early to fights. It is said that his speed in accomplishing his work is the best in the Varia. His Box Weapon is Torpedine Fulmine. He represents the sin of "envy".



Belphegor is an assassin working for the Vongola's independent assassination squad, the Varia. He is known as 'Prince the Ripper', and is often referred to as Bel. He has a crescent-shaped birthmark on the right side of his stomach that his elder identical twin brother, Rasiel also has but mirrored. It is stated in the anime that Belphegor is inferior to his twin brother in almost every way, whether it be studying or racing, causing them to detest each other. At age 8, he stabbed Rasiel, presumably to death. However this was not the case, as Rasiel was protected by his fake Mare ring and was not murdered. Belphegor was the storm half-ring bearer of the Varia during the Vongola Ring conflict. He and Rasiel are princes of an unknown country. He is known as a battle genius, but his abilities only truly present themselves when he sees his own "royal" blood, which reminds him of the time he stabbed his brother. His eyes are never shown in the manga, but at Reborn volume 24, Lussuria says that his eyes are both cool and loyal. His Box Weapon is Visone Tempesta. He represents the sin of "sloth".



Mammon is the holder of the Mist Arcobaleno Pacifier. He is a member of the elite assassination team, the Varia, under the name Mammon, his real name Viper. Known as the Varia's best spellcaster, Viper has the ability to cast illusions, as well as being able to locate any person by sneezing into a piece of paper that he has with him; the spit or mucus that sticks to the paper shows a map leading to the desired person. He also has a black frog named Fantasma that lies on top of his head. By turning into a yellow ouroboros (a snake, devouring its own tail and also an alchemist's symbol), which forms into a "halo" above him, Fantasma can give Mammon the ability to fly in combat. He claims to have been trying to break the Arcobaleno curse, and had sealed his pacifier so that other Arcobaleno cannot sense him with the Mammon Chain, which also seals the power of rings and boxes and such. The chain is replaced, at least by the Vongola, by the cap that conceals the rings' powers the same way as the chains. He loves money and represents the sin of "greed".

Gola Mosca

Gola Mosca

Gola Mosca was a killing machine sold to the Varia by the Italian Underground Economy. Mosca was originally a weapon built by the Italian Military, but construction on the project was halted and covered up until the Vongola began working on it themselves. The military stopped developing the Mosca weapon because it required a human life force that could use a strong Dying Will Flame for its own power. Xanxus placed Vongola IX within Gola Mosca to act as the machine's power source, then gave Gola Mosca the position as the Varia's Cloud Guardian. During the Cloud Guardian Battle in the Vongola Tournament, Gola Mosca is immediately ripped apart by Hibari. However, when Hibari is provoked and fails to allow Xanxus to manually turn Gola Mosca off, the machine goes berserk and fires missiles and bullets wildly. Eventually, Tsuna slices it open, stopping its rampage, but when IX falls out of Gola Mosca's remains, Xanxus frames Tsuna as having killed the man. It represented the sin of "gluttony".



Flan is the newest officer member of the Varia in the Future who uses the 666 Hell Ring. Introduced during the Varia attack on a Millefiore base in Italy, Flan is Mammon's replacement as the group's Illusionist and is thus forced to wear a large frog hat to symbolize this. He has a calm demeanor despite being very antagonistic towards the other members of the Varia, constantly verbally attacking them. Although this has not been explained, it seems that he has a rare genetic disorder which gives him the ability to resist pain. He has been stabbed multiple times by Belphegor and Mukuro but did not reveal to have felt any pain. According to Reborn, his profile is top secret. He is scouted to Varia, nearly kidnapped by Belphegor and Squalo. It's revealed later that his master is Mukuro Rokudo, who was released from the Vendicare prison thanks to his help. We are also led to assume that his Illusions are some of the strongest because he was able to fool the Vendicare, who claim that there are only three Illusionists in this world who have the ability to deceive their eyes.

Other Members


Tyr defeated

Tyr was the previous Sword Emperor and Varia’s Leader before Xanxus; however, he was defeated and killed in a battle with Squalo. With this, Squalo was declared the new Sword Emperor, and to secure his seat, he defeated 100 people in a row, where every battle was filmed and the set was later given to Takeshi Yamamoto. He had only one hand, and because of this, Squalo cut off his own hand so as to understand Tyr's fighting style.



Ottabio and Xanxus

Ottabio was the treacherous former vice-captain of Varia. Deceptive and sly, he engaged in several unlawful activities and told the Vongola Nono of Xanxus's coup d'état. However, he was killed by Xanxus when his treachery was revealed.


Morette was a minor Varia member that worked as a grunt and was secretly loyal to Ottabio for his coup d'état against Xanxus. However, after Ottabio was killed, he was brought in for questioning and revealed all of Ottabio's crimes.

Other remaining known members of the Varia include a 50-member reinforcement squad whose power is second only to the executive staff (seen only during the Varia Arc), the Varia Lightning Strike Squad trio (Uno, Due and Tre), Totem Ross (the Varia's previous jewel designer) and numerous grunts (ordinary members). In the future, the Varia seem to have downsized, seeing as the Varia party that raided Millefiore headquarters is said to consist of 32 members.



Varia's HQ

Varia has a headquarters in which the core members live. Known facilities in it are their respective bedrooms and bathrooms, their dining and meeting rooms, and Xanxus's office.


  • Each of their names (Latin names) matches one of the Seven Deadly Sins or the respective demons of the sins, excluding Flan, as shown below:
  • On the Varia flag, under their symbol, there is a text saying: "Squadra killer autonoma di Vongola IX", which means: "Autonomous Assassination Team of Vongola IX."
  • So far, no female Varia members have been shown. However, Mammon's gender is unknown.
  • Doctor Shamal was originally asked to join Varia many years ago in the past; however, he declined the offer.
  • Dino said that the Sword Emperor, Tyr, was the first Boss of Varia before Squalo killed him.
  • In the "Rebokku" Interview, it is revealed that the Varia celebrates New Year’s in Japan; however, this is later revealed to just be randomly made up by Reborn.
  • In the manga extras, it's stated that there are many variations of the Varia uniform. This could be the origin of their name.
  • Varia is Latin for Vicovaro, a commune in Italy.
  • The Varia are said to kill any member who fails, in order to eliminate weakness. However, it seems that they are injured rather than killed, since Lussuria, Squalo and Viper have failed on occasion and all three are still alive.
  • In recent Reborn! Famiglia polls, Varia ranked 3rd.
  • To join the Varia, you have to speak a minimum of seven languages.
  • They have yet to replace Gola Mosca and this remains unchanged in the future, so they lack a Cloud Guardian.
  • The word "varia" means "varies" in Italian and Portuguese, and "various" in Latin.
  • M.M. claims that the Varia have a "paltry" salary and that the Kokuyo Junior High Gang are more highly paid. Whether this is true remains unknown.
  • The Varia have their own private jet (seen during The Curse of the Rainbow Arc).
  • As stated by Flan in the future, the Varia are open to suggestions for their victims' manner of death.


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