Varia's Footsteps is the 90th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

In Italy, a person informs Xanxus that all the chosen wielders of the Half Vongola Rings were assembled. Xanxus, however, tells the person to shut up.

In Japan, Reborn notes that Tsuna had been in Dying Will Mode for 6 minutes. Tsuna then punches Basil, pushing him back and almost knocking him over. Iemitsu Sawada comments that there were dynamics in Tsuna's Dying Will. Basil then states that he would attack at full power. At Yamamoto's dojo, Yamamoto successfully executes all the forms, learning from his father that the rule of the Shigure Soen Style from master to disciple was to only show the forms once, testing the disciple's dedication to learning the style. Yamamoto then thanks his dad for teaching him the sword style. At Gokudera's training, he tosses another dynamite but misses the paper airplane, much to Doctor Shamal's amusement. Doctor Shamal then gives Gokudera a hint, that hitting the paper airplane was like flirting with a girl (the paper airplane); you had figure out how to win it over. At Tsuna's training, Basil punches Tsuna, but Tsuna locks his legs around Basil's hip and bashes him in the forehead with his own. Reborn then said that he was ready for the 3rd stage, and that they would go home for dinner. The Varia are then seen arriving in Italy, setting out to capture the Lightning Ring from Lambo.

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