Vacation Resort is the 48th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Tsuna is informed by his mother that she won a cruise trip to an island. Tsuna initially declines after hearing that they would be riding a ship. However, he decides to go with his mother when she explains about cruise ships and the island. The two leaves, leaving Reborn and Bianchi to look after Lambo and I-Pin. As Tsuna and his mother tries to eat, they are surprised to find that Lambo, Bianchi, I-Pin and Reborn are on the ship and already ate their meal. Reborn then informs Tsuna that they charged through the entrance and beat all the guards. The guards then arrives and asks Tsuna whether he saw any suspicious kids. However, Tsuna replies no and the guards leaves as Bianchi and the kids crawl out of the table. Bianchi and the kids then reveal that they are going to kill the guards in order to have a nice vacation, much to Tsuna's dismay. The four immediately leave afterwards, leaving Tsuna to go after them.

As Tsuna runs around the ship, he sees a seasick Lambo and carries him back to their room to rest. He then leaves again and sees Adult I-Pin causing a commotion by asking everyone the whereabouts of her boss. Tsuna is able to trick her into following him and locks her into the room as well. As he looks for Bianchi and Reborn, he begins to panic but is able to calm himself down and find Reborn camouflaged on a painting. Reborn is impressed with his student and promises to not kill any guards while Tsuna goes to find Bianchi. He sees a girl that looks just like Bianchi from behind who turns out to be Longchamp's new girl friend. Lonchamp and his men then inform Tsuna that they are going to Mafia Land and the fact is supported by Reborn who arrives in his Renno costume. Suddenly, Bianchi arrives and informs Reborn that the guards are not looking for them and Reborn informs her that they are not since he filled the necessary paperwork. The ship then arrives at the island.

Meanwhile, Gokudera is hiding in the ship's cargo room, who is the one that the guards are looking for...

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