Ushio Ooyama is an anime-only character that is Namimori Middle School's karate club captain.

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Ooyama has a shaved head with short black hair, thick to thin eyebrows, a thick jaw, and large ears. He typically wears the karate club uniform.

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Ooyama appears to be arrogant about his own karate abilities, but is polite and friendly while issuing challenges.

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Daily Life Arc Edit

Ooyama easily defeats a boxing club member, Kamiyama. However, when Ryohei Sasagawa enters and fights him, he is easily defeated. Later, he arrives with his brother Daigoro and the high school karate club to challenge the boxing club for Kyoko Sasagawa so she could be their manager, but they are easily defeated by Ryohei, Hayato Gokudera, Takeshi Yamamoto, and Bianchi.

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