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! colspan="2" align="center" style="padding:3px; background-color: #413A96; color:white;" | <big>'''Welcome!'''</big>
| style="padding:1em;" | [[Image:Vongola family.jpg|300px]]
|'''Hi There! Welcome to the Reborn Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the page ''[[:User:]]''!'''
We hope you'll enjoy browsing the Reborn Wiki. Should you wish to contribute, here are great starting points:
*'''Are the Articles Cramped? Please follow these [[Forum:How to see the Wikia as the way it should be|Instructions]] to fix it.'''
*'''[[Help:Editing]]''' will give you a tutorial on wiki markup, from basic editing to more advanced tagging. Wiki markup is simple to learn and easy to remember.
*If you want to get in touch with your fellow editors, then visit the [[Reborn! Community]].
If you have any questions, feel free to ask any of our '''[[Project:Administrators|administrators]]''' on their respective talk pages, and make sure to sign your name on the talk pages with 4 tildes <nowiki>"~~~~"</nowiki>.
Feel free to leave a message on '''[[User talk:AlienGamer|my talk page]]''' if I can help with anything! -- [[User:AlienGamer|AlienGamer]] ([[User_talk:AlienGamer|Talk]]) 23:49, March 25, 2011

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