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and what? you fell in a lake?<br />
and what? you fell in a lake?<br />
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oh my goodness, that's scary O__O<br />
i hope you get better soon and get your memory back...<br />
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Wow a new archive

Hey jasmine chan. u were right about the message thing. i only recieved it now here at the 14. usually when i get home, i see your messages already. i was surprised to see that i hadnt recieved a new message yet cuz i was used to recieving your messages when i get home. when i opened your talk page i was like wah?! weres that incredibly long piles of messages i left u. then i saw arvhive 1. so i pressed that link. wen i saw it i said oh it was right here. maybe ill just leave a new message in the new one. a reason i left this message was that i was afraid u might not recieve it and second was there was a note saying do not try to edit this page. wow your japanese. id kill to be japanese or atleast learn some. my dad went to japan for a business trip but when i asked him if he could teach me some he said hed already forgotten how to speak japanese. yea its nice making more friends imagine we were just leaving messages here and now were even friends in facebook. that reminds me. octobers right around the corner. yay im close to getting into states which ive always wondered how it looked like. maybe well see each other too. mom said well be going to san fransisco first i think. well be staying for maybe 2 or 3 days so october 8 san francisco. now that i think about it. i think i heard from someone that theyre holding some kind of reborn event or convention. id like to find that place. but i dont really know the details. well so close to getting there, im already psyched. well see you again desu or should i just say ja ne jasmine chan!MaxAxil 11:48, September 14, 2010 (UTC)

oh give your mom my greetings. saying happy birthday from ej :D i dont really know where were going first. my mom said we'll be going to some tourist spot there. so ill learn more on the details in a few days or so so i cant really say where we can meet there.; maybe ill learn japanese when i have time. ur not the only one whos been trampled with homework lately. just about everyday theres homework. id like to find out more about this reborn hideout. ill beg my mom to let me see it. just yesterday to my surprise, my mom had a pair of glasses made out for me. usually i dont mind things like that. but these were kinda big glasses. kinda like my classmate philipp estupins glasses. only i look like a nerd wearing it. id be devastated if she also arranged for me to have braces. i DONT want my teeth to be braced just because they arent in line. i dont want to look like a complete idiot. but your glasses goes well on u. these are actually my SECOND pair. my old one got lost. pretty stupid of me. hey you think they sell stuff in that reborn hideout. im already psyched. begging will prolly work since my moms weak to my cute irresistable please have mercy look. im also good at acting but dont think its weird opok. ja neMaxAxil 13:00, September 15, 2010 (UTC)

Sorry i replied a little late. yesterday was a busy day. it was half day at school so me and a couple of my friends went to watch a movie and random stuff in the mall. then me mom and my sister had to go to the doctor. we came home real late. thats great! we can see each other. mom said well arive at night around 10 at san francisco then well stay until matbe oct 12;. mom said well be going to alcatraz and some pier but i dont know anything else. i guess no nerds no laptops no video games. they started it all. were kinda luckky to have them. wow your pic in facebook fooled me with the glasses thing then. my pics kinda old. maybe ill change it in some other day. id love to see wats inside that reborn hideout. yah my teeth in the front are a little forward but ive begged my mom not to give me braces and so far ive sidestepped getting braces. i wonder if they sell doublemint in san fran. well see u again desu jasmine chan!MaxAxil 05:44, September 18, 2010 (UTC)

I dont buy it. why would they say its the last episode when a lot of people are hoping to make it move forward. i honestly dont trust it. omg theres a killer on the loose. ill be sure to do something when he approaches us. aww thats to bad. maybe shell change her mind somehow if u can convince her about something. san fran isnt the only place were going though. well be in states for like 3 weeks. so there are other places we can meet up. like uh fresno or disney land or maybe even los vegas meh just a joke about the los vegas thing.were going there but i think its its a little to far from your hometown well there are slight chances so cheer up jasmine chan. be like yamamoto and look at the bright sides :D. well ja na jasmine chanMaxAxil 06:26, September 19, 2010 (UTC)

u know theres a nother reason i doubt y its not the last episode. i mean the rings just transformed and only tsunas ring was the only one who used its power so far and the other gaurdians havent used their rings yet. another is that tsuna hasnt officially become the boss yet. he has to decide first. another is tha dont u think in the nex episode trailer, its kinda like a sad ending to the show its weird and making me doubt. they dont have to play with us like this. well this is a short message too. ja ne jasmine chan. i hope reborn goes on

Grah the pressures killing me. i hope it doesnt end. hey did ur mom reconsider? u know i did something stupid in my page today. its a complete disaster. i couldnt understand what to do with the infoboxes alien gamer told me about. its driving me nuts. i wanna make my page nicer. so i copy pasted an existing infobox(lambos infobox) but it completely backfired. the pic wont appear. can u help me out jasmine chan. future ty. see u again desu jasmine chan. hope ur mom reconsidersMaxAxil 11:46, September 21, 2010 (UTC)

Ok thanks jasmine chan. i hope ur mom does reconsider. im almost coming there. my mom doesnt really care. shes actually possitive about me meeting u. she said its nice seeing people make friends. besides its a trip. we cant really move our tour somewhere else right? well talk to u again desu jasmoine chan. short message aswell... lets not let this keep us down! Oh and ty for helping me fix mt page. im kinda embarrased for having u do that for me. and i was really had a hard time with that info box thing. i really appreciate it. Thank u so much! MaxAxil 14:25, September 22, 2010 (UTC)

My mom might be be so hapy if she heard u say that. then again she'll say dont say that, not everyones perfect. i know, ive said it to her about some person a few years back. my page looks nice. i wish that criminal ur moms talking about gets caught so u can go to san fran and we can meet each other. i guess showing our messages to each other is a good idea and shell think were such good friends. i mean we are but she doesnt really know me that well doesnt she. i havent made any friends yet besides u. this message is just as short. well ja ne jasmine chan

If ur wonderin why i replied early today, i used my spare time in computer class to reply. my comuter class is only on thursdays though and the internet is real slow. my nosy,not to mention annoying friend iya, tried to read our messages and tried to blurt out some words. so i bribed her with my doublemint. yah its easy to bribe my classmates with gum. except the smart ones. my best friend neil saw my mesages to u so i said, if u ever talk or say anything, ill crush u with my dying will>:D though hes bigger then me. i didnt want anyone to see our messages yet cuz i want to keep things like this private even from my close friends. he asked me how to create an account. i said wat to do. i think hes planning on joining.hey in the next 2 weeks, well be leaving for states. we have to do something to make your mom reconsider. ok shinuki plans and evasive actions. maybe u can do somtin nice for her and shell reconsider. maybe shell think thats a little suspicious? well um. maybe i can think about it overnight and tell u about anything i come up with tommorow. well ja ne jasmine chanMaxAxil 12:43, September 23, 2010 (UTC)

Oh. saying i hate u can break a moms heart. im sorry, cuz of me u and ur mom had to argue. a ticket to san fran. my classmate meg said that a trip from sacramento to san fran is about 6 hours. shes from states along with her twin gem u see. i know i lot of people with diaries, that includes one of my sister. normally id invade her privacy to tease her, but if she catches me trying to read her diary shell crush me with everything in her room. and she took taekwando with me and shes really good. i got knocked over in just a few seconds when we were still having taekwando class. my friends are so like that. one small thing and they make a huge deal about it. and when someone blushes from embarrasment, thay say how true it is because of their look. ive been a victim before. we have events like dances too but wat the teachers do is that they give everyone a part so everyone wont be LEFT OUT. people who dont wanna join, they have to. some think of a way to get absent. im trying to not do my best anymore in events since last year, it was our fs night and i wore a tux cuz my group matessaid i should. when i got there, i was the modt formal since everyone was actually just wearing casual wear. i snapped at my group mates and they werent really sorry xcept my friend nickie who was the only one who has a really kind personallity in the group. everyone in our group were jerks. my other friends are in other groups. i almost won the mister fs night if i hadnt said that my idol was jaden yuki from yugioh(wasnt watching reborn yet that time. if i did i woulda said tsuna) i was glad i didnt have to embarass myself anymore after that interview. oh were also having a festival this october. too bad i wont be there since im going over there in america. its a shame. our class is doing a restaurant in italian too. my other friend ciao said that the banner should say chao like in reborn. hes a major anime addict like a few of us. i dont think sama fits me well since im not really a master or a great guy at all. just call me ej or ej kun jasmine chan :D we are good friends. ja ne jasmine chan, hope u and ur mom make up. :)MaxAxil 14:22, September 24, 2010 (UTC)

Thats good. bad relationship to your parents is uh well bad? (kinda lame) thats good of u to get gud grades. i uh well have b- for my average. kinda dumb of me huh? im not exactly the smartest person but english is my fav subject. im kinda just ur average guy who is kinda clumsy and makes a lot of mistakes with words. i only invade my sisters privacy cuz i need to give her pay back since shes really a jerk, even when your just gonna ask her somtin. how many are u siblings? were 3 me and my 2 sisters. they are kinda rude and kinda sharp tongued me and my sisters arent close (anime speaking) but when it comes to shows like chuck or supernatural(My middle sister) and Chuck(My eldest sister), were close as glue. kinda young of me to watch these shows huh? thats a lotta work to fix up events. ur principal must like ya alot. our pricipal, well lets say were also close, me and a few classmates since we were their first students. people should at least appreciate other peoples thoughts and respect ur love for anime and ur request for listen to the stereo. thats why its called a song request right. listen to the stereo is a song. otherwise they coulda turned u down if it wasnt right. its only a few of them like that. my other classmates just doesnt learn. they have a pattern. they get scolded, they stay quiet for what 5 seconds? and then boom theyre back to wat they were doing, mosta them just bully people around.they use to bully me myself but they do it little now ever since i stabbed rd w a pen for beating me up(kinda cruel of me huh, but he wouldnt stop hurting me so i stabbed him cuz i was angry REAL angry. its not like i had a choice) now a days, they bully my classmate tristan. normally i feel pity for him but hes the worst and hes so childish too. hes kinda spoiled just becuz theyre rich. he even told me i was just jealous of him thats why i bought a psp and i was like no way, i had my eyes set on this for years now. everyone in class doesnt like him. im only friends w/ him cuz i pity one of my best friend nickie(the same nickie i ws talking about who was the only sorry guy in my group). nickie is cousins with tristan and nickie has to bring tristan everywhere and stay with him. hes never had a break. everywhere he goes(even the mall) tristan has to stay like a flea. an annoying one to be exact. its like tristans saying wat he can and cant do like his mom. everyone makes sure,cept a few of my classmates including myself except when im mad at him, unwanted. i actually won the most formal award when i went to that fs night. it was embarrasing but everone was like look ernest is so formal. oh well cant change the past. well jasmine chanMaxAxil 09:49, September 26, 2010 (UTC)

When i was younger, id be sent to the office aouple of times because of my classmates would bully me.and guess what?they always win and its always me who losesto a bunch of bozos. oh just today i got sent to the office cuz its wellkindastupid. i was really REALLYangry at my other classmates for getting my sisters tennis ball confiscated. these were the same guys whos been pissin me of for months now and they had gone to far so i kicked the canteen wall, which i didnt realize was a plywood wall(who builds a cafetria with plywood? thats awfully cheap!) and it made a hole in thewall. not really big though and unnoticable. i was in real big trouble. yea english is my fav subject. our teacher is nice too. why this week, shes letting us watch the whole week film viewings since we werent able to have film viewing in the previous trime. ao today and tommorow, were watching my dvd, diary of a wimpy kid. kinda lame of me huh? but its the only book i read close enough to a novel. so i kinda liked it. and on thursday and friday, were watching sidney white. u know its kinda funny, ive watched bith of these movies so i kinda have an advantage. hehe i really hate bullying, its been in me since i was 6. who invented the word bullying anyway?! yah me too. i told u i was the talkative time. our detention is kinda different. here your given slips per crime(WOW wat a big word) if u do something big, your on probation, u cant eat in the canteen. well ja ne jasmine chanMaxAxil 13:07, September 28, 2010 (UTC)

Yes were back to that long message thing we do. yah canteen is like a dining hall. of course, your schools dining hall is propably clean. sometimes i wonder why they even let the canteen look like a rotting dumphole. i have to endure it though. im used to it by now. gadgets really r a huge violation to school huh? thats why i hide my cell in my bag and never take it out unless im on the bus home. they say, it ruins your education. i dont trust that kinda crap though. phones arent allowed but laptops are. thats wat my classmate said in facebook. they say they use its for research and presentation purpose so its ok. im kinda shocked that they allow that. they even use it in their free time. and u know, instead of research, they do random stuff like plants vs zombies, counter strike or use facebook. a few on the other hand bring psps, whic is not allowed, and hide them in their bags and play them in huge crowds so our teacher wont see. wats a kid principal, someone who they think of as a principal. talking back to the teacher is not really uncommon in our class. since the schools not really that strict, they talk back to teachers most of the time. i tend to do it to but its only just a few times. the closest thing that can make our class shut up, is scolding real hard and punishments. they tend to disrespect filipino class the most too. im already worried about ms len's(our filipino teacher) condition since shes so nice, they abuse it. only a few of us are quiet in her class. im guessing that the bullied on part was the one with those girls who got suspended in your class from that blog u made. hey wat did happen to them anyway? did they stop pickin on u? i really hate girls like that. nothin wrong with being young and is in a grade like that. dont be surprised but, here in the philippines, there is no 7th or 8th grade so right now im in 2nd year high! but if i go to school in states as a transfer student, ill be in the 8th grade like u and if u come here as a transfer student, ull also be in second year high since your in 8th grade so ill graduate a little earlier than u.

r u surprised by that. then sorry if i stunned u. but its kinda hard too. well ja ne jasmine chan. see u in san fran if ur mom ever changes her mindMaxAxil 13:59, September 29, 2010 (UTC)

I agree. food fights are kinda barbaric. kinda weird for a guy saying this but still. its dirty enough in the canteen, why make it dirtier. hopefully, the one who owns the canteen has a lotta staff members and hes kinda cranky as well as a cheapskate. thats good. everybody respects u like hibari but dont become a bloddthirsty violent person ok jasmine chan. Hibaris cool and all, but no one wants to be bitten to death. thats nice of u to let them go. then theyll pat u back somehow. ya laptops arent allowed here either but they use the same excuse everytime and teachers are to gullible to believe in that too. no gadgets are allowed here as a matter of fact. if ever one wants to bring one, they hide it for the rest of the day. its not really a good idea to talk back to our teachers much though(Im not a teachers pet) u know how people are these days. a lot of shouting and scolding which can lead to punishment. PLUS they grade our attitude here. HA set bad examples. wat a lousy excuse. how can we set bad examples when were in seperate rooms to other classes so they cant see us.. have those morons ever thought that. i see, those girls are back. just keep your guard up at all times(Ha so fuuka like) they might be keeping a grudge or is planning on doing it agian. keep your stuff in a bag they wont see. sorry, im such a big worry guy for my friends. im the type of guy who wants to keep an eye on my friends and help them in need. yah 8th grade. but wats even cooler is that if U go here u get to graduate earlier then in states! but they kinda make class a little harder. oh im 14 and my birthday is august 24! my mom said when i asked her about why their are 8th grade in this show i watched(last year) and she said it was the schools policy. i just said ok. im leaving next week this is exciting. hey u want a souvenir? that is if we can still see each other. im not forcing u though. if u dont want then its ok. i also heard from my classmate gem(megs twin) that the times their in states is 4 hours earlier in the opposite, um u know, am pm in america. well see ya jasmine chan! ja ne!MaxAxil 13:45, September 30, 2010 (UTC)

phew thats a relief. im glad you wont bite them to death. itd be scary if u brought your own tonfas too. here probation is not really common here in our school too. unless youve done many violations. thats dumb of your teacher to make such a stupid rule. here my pe teachers nice kinda cranky but nice. no pushups too. he likes to give us games too.though weve had a lot of replacements. last year, my teacher was mean but also nice. he quit or got another job though. Thats CHILD ABUSE. how could he do such a thing. never make a person do something for wat others do. ive got a point too! i mean the kids cant see us so the kids wont learn from us anyway. i mean sometimes kids are stupid to know what were even talking about. i mwan i was a kid and i didnt understand what they were talking about when i was a kid that makes me stupid when i ws a kid. thats good. i dont want u to bear and get hurt by those lousy girls again. i mean i told u right. i dont want any of my friends hurt ever. yah a souvenir. i was thinking of.getting u a hello kitty souveni or something i can afford in comic alley.oh did u know i recently found vids in youtube about an anime i used to watch called Crush gear. it was a nice show. i had a whole cabinet of crush gear when i was 5,6 or 7. well ja ne jasmine chan. see you again desu.MaxAxil 14:39, October 1, 2010 (UTC)

REALLY!! Thats GREAT! your mom must be really proud. well im proud considering im a b- student. wow i sound like an old mna. theres a lott places in san fran! i cant think of the first place to go. i bet my moms gonna give me a few dollars and make me use all of my money instead since im geting a laptop. we need to figure out where this hidout is. its like looking for the vongola base itself! yah i saw them selling hibaris metal tonfas in the internet. somebody musta threatened him or something thats why he became strict or maybe (i know this might be rude but) he broke up with his girlfriend and might be taking out his anger and saddness on to u guys. Dance Dance revolution on pe?! they must like video games a lot. only a few more they might add guitar heroes too! hehe. ya me too my arms are like tvs when it comes to push ups. i think its cuz im a little thin. weights are kinda off my league though. im with u ten pounds and thats it. yah anytime. thats wat friends are for. ill never let anyone hurt my friends. tell me if anyone bullies u ill rush them over them and teach them wat it means to be bitten to death >:D hehe just a joke about the bitten to death. beat them with my dying will is enough. thanks i know ur a true friend even though weve only talked in the internet so far XD i know a place where to buy hello kitty its really cheap too. oh comic alley is this famous anime store in malls that sell well anime stuff. they even sell x gloves! id love to buy it but i dont have enough money yet. they have posters, bags,wallets,stickers, everything u need except manga. manga here are sold in bookstores and in comic oddysey. its another anime store well more on manga and action figures though. yah im always looking forward to your replies too jasmine chan! :D well ja ne jasmine chanMaxAxil 15:01, October 2, 2010 (UTC)

O my god jasmine chan! im so glad u finally messaged me. i was so worried when tobi kun told me u had amnesia. how are u feeling these days. god i was really worried i passed out 4 times last sunday trying to think wats happening to u and kept messaging tobi kun like every minute or so. im just glad your ok. anyways how did u fell in that lake anyway and why is there a lake in ur backyard? did tobi kun give u that apple and rosemary thing i messaged him to help. oh i really just dont want any of my friends hurt again. if u look through yours and my messages to each other in our user talks ull remember wat we were talking about. if only i was there to help u right now. god i wish we left sooner. i just hope before oct 8 u remember everything. well ja ne(if u dont remember wat this means, it means see ya in jap) jasmine chan, hope u get better :)MaxAxil 13:02, October 4, 2010 (UTC)


Thanks, for the adminship, im sorry about all of this, truly i am, also i'll remember to nominate you sometime... i do keep promises of stuff like that, no matter what...--The Earth That shall defeat all That stands in its way, XIII-DARKNESS 00:02, October 1, 2010 (UTC)

I will nominate you, just not now, i made a promise to myself to do that and i will follow through with it, sorry to bother you though, Jasmine....--The Earth That shall defeat all That stands in its way, XIII-DARKNESS 00:06, October 1, 2010 (UTC)

I think when i sent you a Pm, on Crunchyroll at like 4 a.m in the morning... it was a suggestion from someone--The Earth That shall defeat all That stands in its way, XIII-DARKNESS 00:11, October 1, 2010 (UTC)

I never whent to sleep last night, i was worried about something.....--The Earth That shall defeat all That stands in its way, XIII-DARKNESS 00:15, October 1, 2010 (UTC)

I have a question... are we still friends?--The Earth That shall defeat all That stands in its way, XIII-DARKNESS 00:18, October 1, 2010 (UTC)

Etto, if not i'll just leave you alone Jasmine,... i dont want to hurt you more than i probably have--The Earth That shall defeat all That stands in its way, XIII-DARKNESS 00:21, October 1, 2010 (UTC)

Thanks for the answer, so still friends?--The Earth That shall defeat all That stands in its way, XIII-DARKNESS 00:29, October 1, 2010 (UTC)

Okay, Jasmine-Chan...., but you can always talk to me if you need something, ill leave alone now--The Earth That shall defeat all That stands in its way, XIII-DARKNESS 00:35, October 1, 2010 (UTC)


It means "good night" in Japanese.--The Earth That shall defeat all That stands in its way, XIII-DARKNESS 05:18, October 1, 2010 (UTC)

No problem--The Earth That shall defeat all That stands in its way, XIII-DARKNESS 05:22, October 1, 2010 (UTC)

re:kinda late on this...

don't worry about it, i'm giving you a late response too! homecoming and whatnot... i've been pretty inactive these few days
anyway, thanks!
and what? you fell in a lake?
The Grammar Guru, Ridiculousnever 03:36, October 4, 2010 (UTC)

oh my goodness, that's scary O__O
i hope you get better soon and get your memory back...
The Grammar Guru, Ridiculousnever 22:25, October 4, 2010 (UTC)

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