So, I was on discord and we got on the topic of how weird the whole Earth Flames things popping up so suddenly in KHR and how it was only the one Famiglia that had them. Long story short, if there are Sky and Earth Flames, what about Ocean Flames? Everything comes in threes after all.

Anyway, here are my ideas for what the Ocean Flames could be... These people would super fit more as Tsuna's antagonists. Lol.

Ocean Flame - (Equivalent to Sky and Earth Flame)

  • Characteristic: Lure or Luring
  • Power moves: "Nitrogen Narcosis" and "Hypothermia."
  • Notes: 'Lure' characteristic to match a Sky's 'Harmony' and Earth's 'Gravity' but with a somewhat foreboding twist. Also a pun on fishing. The power moves are things that slowly creep up on you; leaving you drowsy and helpless. 

Whirlpool Flame - (Equivalent to Storm and Swamp Flame)

  • Characteristic: Decomposition or better yet Corrosion
  • Power move: "Maelstrom"
  • Notes: I really liked the idea of rotting being a part of the characteristic. But, I suppose in the sea 'Corrosion' would make more sense and still match Storm's 'Disintegration' and Swamp's 'Fermentation.' Hm.

Tide Flame - (Equivalent to Rain Flame)

  • Characteristic: Toxicity 
  • Power move: "Algal Bloom"
  • Notes: 'Toxicity' characteristic for the red tides it's named for which are toxic. It's also a pun to the inverse of the Rain's 'Tranquility.'

Coral Flame - (Equivalent to Sun and Forest Flame)

  • Characteristic: Stimulation  
  • Notes: 'Stimulation' characteristic to match Sun's 'Activation' and Forest's 'Realization.'

Wave Flame - (Equivalent to Lightning and Mountain Flame)

  • Characteristic: Reflection 
  • Power move: "Radiation"
  • Notes: The name is a pun on 'ocean waves' and 'electromagnetic waves.' The 'Reflection' characteristic is an inverse of a Lightning's Hardening' though still matches the idea of shielding.

Abyss Flame - (Equivalent to Mist and Desert Flame)

  • Characteristic: Fabrication
  • Power moves: "Delusion" and "Eldritch Horror"
  • Notes: The name is based on the deepest part of the sea where a lot of horrifying things are said to exist. Brings to mind deep unending darkness.

Sand Flame - (Equivalent to Cloud and Glacier Flame)

  • Characteristic: Boiling 
  • Power moves: "Crystallize Glass" and "Sand Boil"
  • Notes: Where there's sand there was sea. And I liked the connotation of an uncountable number of sand that could become glass. It's kind of close to Desert Flames, but as far as we've seen Desert Flames don't... use sand as an actual attack, I think. The characteristic, 'Boiling' also has the connotation of both hot water and just plain *heat*. And glass is formed from super heated sand. It's also a nice antonym to Glacier's 'Freezing.'

Those are just my ideas. I'd be happy to hear what other people come up with as well.

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