I'm just trying to hunt down translations of the light novels to read. If anyone can help add to the list, it'd be much appreciated.

Cover Chapters
Secret Bullet Vol 1 Hidden Bullet 1: Mukuro Illusion (隠し弾1 骸・幻想)
Secret Bullet Vol 2 Hidden Bullet 2: X-Fiamma (隠し弾2 X-炎)
Secret Bullet Vol 3 Hidden Bullet 3: Millefiore Panic (隠し弾3 ミルフィオーレ・パニック)
Secret Bullet Vol 4 Hidden Bullet 4: The Funeral Flowers Wither (隠し弾4 弔いの花は散る)
  • "The Prince's Great Escape"
  • "This is Kokuyo Safari Park"
  • "Who's the Brother-in-Law?"
  • "The Bird"
  • "The Ten-Years-Later Prince's Game"
  • "The Funeral Flowers Wither"
Secret Bullet Vol 5 Hidden Bullet 5: Simon Cooking! (隠し弾5 シモンクッキング!)
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