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    oh goodness... i don't know if anyone will find this because it took me some time to find where the 'recent blog posts' button went...
    or if this has been the subject of a blog post before...
    but here goes!

    since it's the slow time of week when neither new chapter/episode comes out, i thought i'd just make this (:
    if you were to have a flame type, what would it be?
    choose up to two?
    &don't just pick it/them just because you like the character that possesses it/them.
    pick it based off your personality!
    here's a list of the types:

    storm - the wind that fiercely whirls about sky - the one that colors and engulfs everything
    sun - the one that illuminates the sky
    lightning - the lightning that strikes without mercy
    rain - the shower that washes away every…

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  • Ridiculousnever

    chapter 296!

    July 1, 2010 by Ridiculousnever

    so, the shimon finally make their move! but, i am somewhat worried because they were able to break through the ninth genereation's seal, and take the sin...
    also, i cannot believe that all of this is because of tsuna not responding to enma's note!
    that's incredibly unfair...
    but, we're possibly going to see the ninth's guardians fight!
    which would be so excellent...
    by the way, i personally prefer tsuna's hyper dying will mode to enma's - just because.
    what is this freakish power?

    (also, throughout this whole thing, i was still worrying about yamamoto, dedicated fan that i am)

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  • Ridiculousnever

    this chapter made me earn so much respect for chrome... just the fact that she was forced to create an illusion and sustain it for that long...
    it was also pretty cool that the varia showed up. mammon chose to be nice and tell chrome that she was doing a good job! who would've known?
    and the shimon family's faces? epic! i loved how they were all in shock because yamamoto was "there."
    but now everyone's going to see the vongola sin in all its glory... can't wait for the next chapter!

    by the way, who else was shocked that longchamp showed up again? HE'S GOING TO DEBUT IN THE ANIME!

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  • Ridiculousnever

    no, yamamoto! wow... i am literally in shock after reading it... it does seem like the shimon family is going to try and overthrow the vongola though... and who knew that kaoru had it in him? poor yamamoto... i hope he's all right. share your thoughts!

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  • Ridiculousnever

    i've always wondered how squalo's bangs stayed the same from when he vowed never to cut his hair until the varia arc.
    if he never cut them, then what?
    and they were long in the future arc, too...

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