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Hi there this is my first Blog entry it is about if Katekyo Hitman Reborn is really over?.It really had it's bad rating's,But it is way too awesome especially the detail's on the Flame's,Ring and Boxes.I think that part really sucked people up like a vacuum cleaner.But it is saddens me that season 8 is over,BUT SAY HELLO TO SEASON 9.I am positive over my grave that the Anime is not over Because it has entered a whole new awesome Arc and it is the most awesomest yet.It's the Shimon Arc.It is impossible to resist not turning it into Episodes. I will give you a hint of the flavor.

Shimon Famiglia

10'Gen Shimon famiglia

Tsuna and his guardian's have gotten their animal rings and The Original Vongola Rings,But will they be broken against The Shimon family who claims that Primo (1 Vongola boss) Betrayed the family that was a close as 2 brother's in his past.That Primo got rid of them because of a new power that could be a threat to the Vongola Family,THE SHIMON RINGS AND THE 7 FLAMES OF THE EARTH.

Which side will win.After all because of an accident the 2 families enter war.But Tsuna does not want to kill them.The families enter war and the loser of the battle will go to a life of imprisonment with the Vindince.


Tsunayoshi Sawada Vs Enma Kozato -?

Lambo Bovino Vs Rauji Ooyama - Confirmed Winner is Lambo Bovino

Gokudera Hayato Vs P.Shitt - Under procces

Yamamoto Takeshi Vs Kaoru Mizuno -

Hibari Kyoya Vs Adelheid Suzuki -

Chrome dokuro Mukuto Rokudo Vs Julie Katou -

Ryohei Sasagawa Vs Koyo Aoba - Confirmed Tie

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